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‘Defeating Cancer’ with OkadaBooks for the Weekend

“We are trained from an early age to put more faith in man-made items than in the power of God within our bodies to fight off diseases,” says Ikechukwu Patsy, the author of ‘Defeating Cancer’. What better time to hear the fullness of this truth than in the week set aside to encourage everyone reeling and still healing from the aforementioned disease?

Explore the best of the best books we’ve curated for your reading pleasure this weekend.

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Beat Cancer Naturally’ by Ezinne Edet

Beat Cancer Naturally

When cancer came knocking on her mother’s door, it seemed as though Ezinne’s world had come to an end. After the surgery, there was still no assurance because further tests revealed more malignancies. What then did they do to fight back? You guessed it, fruits, veggies, and more, all of which you’ll discover when you read this book here.

Oyibo’ by Ada Iheanachor

In 1976, prodigal daughter Songoli returns to her mother’s home in a remote southeastern Nigerian village–with a toddler on her hip. It doesn’t take long for Songoli to disappear again, leaving Adesua to grow up without a mother and answers to why her skin colour is different from everyone else.

Oyibo is an unflinching novel, a powerful meditation on motherhood that illuminates the fragility of home, the hunger for redemption, and the cosmic boundaries of love.

Bound to Liberty’ by Kiru Taye (writing as Kai Tyler)

It’s not every day you see a Nigerian author openly admit they’ve written a book under a pseudonym, but that’s exactly what Kiru Taye has done here with this riveting piece that delves into a taboo topic most conservative authors would normally shy away from.

“Bound to Liberty is a story about breaking free from mental chains and living a life of boundless love,” Kiru says, and we take her word for it.

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