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Be My Valentine with OkadaBooks for the Weekend

Forget all you think you know about the Valentine season; trust me, it’s incomplete without the right book(s) to sweep you from the mortal plane to a fairytale land (maybe in a galaxy far, far away) irrespective of your relationship status. You didn’t know this, it’s alright, but now you do. OkadaBooks dey here to keep you company this Valentine, with help from these affectionate tales. Read on.

Be My Valentine Vol. 1 & Vol. 2 by Love Africa Press

Earlier this week, Love Africa Press released the highly anticipated second volume of ‘Be My Valentine’ just in time for Valentine’s Day. Just like the first one, it features riveting, enthralling love stories by several authors billed up for your reading pleasure. Still not convinced? Here’s a word from the editor:

“Life is beautiful especially when you’re in love. Dive into these hand-picked contemporary romance novellas and fall in love this Valentine’s Day.”

What are you still waiting for? Read now.

Susan’s Diary (1 to 4) by Karo Oforofuo (18+)

For the Valentine season, Karo is magnanimous enough to slash the price for all four books in her Susan Diary series by half. The series follows the thrilling life of a hardcore Lagos babe hellbent on catching cruise, even if it means risking her life. Nothing seems to be able to slow her down, but that changes after a near-death experience with the soft-spoken Eric.

Shadows and Nothings by Tony Nwaka

For some years you had stayed away from romantic relationships, then you suddenly fall in love with a lady but only to find out that strange calamities usually befall her lovers seven days after they get intimate. It’s just day one for you, how do you get away?




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