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ACUF holds training on relationship management


As part of its monthly YouDAL training, a non-governmental organization (NGO), the Amaka Chiwuike-Uba Foundation (ACUF) has held a one day training workshop on building, strengthening and sustaining relationships especially in workplaces and family.

The training held in Enugu recently had in attendance more than one hundred participants and professional speakers.

In his address on the occasion, Chiwuike Uba, executive director of the ACUF, said that failures in businesses and relationships are basically as a result of lack of communication and misunderstanding between couples and workers in an establishment.

Uba said: “Relationship management is the key to the success and sustainability of businesses, friendships, marriages, associations, and any other human endeavours. This is so, because of the very delicate and unique nature of human beings, anchored on emotions. Love is one of the most outstanding emotions known to human beings.

“Unfortunately, this is the most abused by human beings; hence, the problems daily experienced in businesses, friendships, marriages, and other relationships. Toxic relationships have been identified as one the major predisposing factors and causes of diseases such as cancer, depression, asthma, madness, among others. If relationships are not well-managed in workplaces, it leads to low productivity and eventual failure and shut down of businesses.”

While speaking on the topic “The Art and Science of Love, Intimacy, Passion and Sex”, Obiageli Pat Ndu, general manager of Solid FM Enugu, said that relationships fail “when one entitled person leaves the other to do all the maintenance”.

She said: “Premarital sex does not just happen. It starts with one private date, with a touch and holding of hands, then a disconnect between your head and your heart. However, amidst what you hear, look out for red alerts. Look at temperament and reaction to pressure. How does he/she handle disappointment? What are the things that set him off? There should be no pressure. There should be no awkward moments. Dates should always be in a place where the love of God would cover you.

“Love is not sex; otherwise we would not have sex workers. Being careful does not protect one from pregnancy, STD and demonic exchange. There is no guarantee that commitment would happen thereafter. No one person can have everything we desire. You have a right to expect a significant other to be compassionate, loving, kind, respectful, stable and focused. Stay away from expecting them to have qualities of characters seen in romantic novels and African Magic. Do not live someone else’s storyline.”

In his keynote address on the topic: “Keys to building and strengthening workplace relationship”, Larry Oguego, director of Moneywise Institute, said that “professional relationships are for the purpose of getting work done and when managed well, helps you advance your career” and gave tips on how to sustain relationships.

He said: “People who don’t relate well cannot be part of a team. If a staff is consistently absent minded or ill, the team suffers. Therefore, always know your colleagues. Meet and greet, be humble and grateful. Listen, observe carefully. As you try to understand, also seek to be understood. Be honest and transparent in your dealings; demonstrate integrity. Make your expectation from your colleagues clear, as ambiguous expectations will create frustrations.”



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