Oando, BusinessDay hold webinar on rising inequality among nations

Africa’s indigenous energy company, Oando plc, in partnership with BusinessDay, is set to host a webinar predicated on rising inequality between and within countries, a resultant effect of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The webinar with the themed ‘The Inequality Virus: Revolution Based Change to Achieve Inclusive Growth’ is scheduled to hold September 2, 2020, with three panellists: Hafsat Abiola Costello, CEO of Women in Africa Initiative; Jason Hickel, economic anthropologist and senior lecturer at Goldsmiths, University of London, and Maimuna Maibe, country director Nigeria at Global Citizen.

The webinar aims to discuss alternative perspectives on the causes of inequality, the role of technology and various players (public and private) in preventing an increase in inequality gap as well as proffer actionable solutions, which can be implemented, to drive revolutionary, effective and immediate change against existing injustices and inequalities.

According to a statement from Oando, the webinar will be addressing how the eventual economic recovery from the pandemic may have little to no impact on the poor and other marginalised groups, potentially leaving them worse off and facing greater inequality than ever before.

“Another outcome of the pandemic and this widening gulf between the rich and poor is an increase in social unrest,” Oando notes in the press statement.

COVID-19 has brought to the fore an increased appetite for information and the realisation that success can only be achieved if there is cooperation among people, businesses and countries.

Against this backdrop, Oando created a bespoke webinar series to serve as a platform for engaging discourse among thought leaders including public sector officials, senior decision-makers, business leaders, research analysts as well as subject matter experts from across the world.

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