• Saturday, December 02, 2023
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MorganCapital introduces Nigerian top 5 equities league


 MorganCapital Securities Limited, one of Nigeria’s foremost investment banking and securities dealing firms, has introduced The MorganCapital Top Five Equities League as a weekly guide for investors interested in the Nigerian equities market.

“The purpose of the League is to present investors, (prospective and existing, local and foreign) with insights on the Nigerian equities market and a chance to position themselves in companies that are most likely to return good value on their investments, based on our analysis and opinion,” said Ayoleke Adu, managing director, MorganCapital Securities Limited.

Explaining the rationale for this initiative, Adu said this became necessary after a close study of the reasons that led to the 2008 stock market crash revealed that many investors invested their funds based on sentiments and bandwagon effect without a good understanding of the fundamentals of such companies.

According to him, the Weekly Top Five League, which started May 20, 2013, as a newsletter, has received wide spread acclaim, and readership. It comes as a free subscription, distributed via e-mail to interested persons.

Besides, he noted that “MorganCapital sees this as a social responsibility, and a way of enlightening the investing public about efficient ways of stock picking and investment decision making.

MorganCapital Group is a full-fledged investment banking, investment management, securities trading and principal investments group. The entities which form the MorganCapital Group provide a comprehensive range of investment banking and financial advisory services to private, public sector, corporate, and institutional clients. MorganCapital Securities Limited is regulated by the Nigerian Securities and Exchange Commission, and is a dealing member of the Nigerian Stock Exchange.