Omirin Oluwatimilehin: Entrepreneur enhancing businesses with strategic marketing

Omirin Oluwatimilehin is the chief executive officer of NinthMedia NG – a marketing and advertising firm operating in Lagos state.

Oluwatimilehin says his company intends to incorporate years of experience in various online skills thereby gaining dominance in the digital sphere.

“Our team thrives on technical, creativity and our expertise which allows us to complete unique projects in a wide range of sectors,” he says.

He says the inspiration to launch NinthMedia NG stemmed from his teenage years when he was fascinated by how companies went about marketing their products through various media mediums.

“The strategy behind their campaigns being rolled out was fascinating to me, as was the visual advertising that was shown on television back then,” Oluwatimilehin says.

The young entrepreneur says NinthMedia started in 2020 right before the pandemic, as growing the business was difficult.

“I first resigned from my 9-5 job before going private, as I began informing friends and family about the business,” he says.

I went out and pitched to our target audience, creating various visual contents to gain more impetus online, which in turn accelerated the growth of the business.”

As Oluwatimilehin went on pitching unique ideas, he was able to raise three million from contracts and support from his parents and team.

Oluwatimilehin says the growth of his business since inception has been exceptional at the same time, difficult. “The growth of the business has been worth it the two years, as we have worked with top international and local brands like Vogue, Spotify, Oriamo, Grammy recording academy, and a long list of standout firms.”

The CEO says he was able to get these contracts by going out and pitching unique ideas to various potential clients.

He also says this line of work is extremely challenging, as it helped broaden his creativity level in work-related matters and all aspects of his life. “All the jobs we get are never the same, which keeps your motivation to succeed high.”

Concerning challenges, he says time management is one of the issues he faces. “I am active in every part of the business, including the finances, the crew, and the business strategy. I am hands-on in every department.”

To tackle this challenge, he prioritized some aspects of his work and delegated some too-well-trusted personnel.

NinthMedia’s CEO says the Nigerian economy is not favourable due to the fall of purchase power across the country, as businesses and citizens are finding it hard to afford basic amenities to keep things moving.

Concerning foreign exchange, he says it has been difficult because all the work gears needed are imported and with the dollar rates being volatile and more expensive.

“Our goal is to go beyond the expectations of our clients. Our staff delivers the greatest level of communication and respects your business as if it were our own, whether it is a complex e-commerce platform or a small-to-large-sized enterprise,” he says.

NinthMedia contributes to the reduction of unemployment, as it has employed 11 staff.

Oluwatimilehin says, “The raw creativity we provide to Nigerian businesses has benefited them in the hope of assisting them in increasing their online and offline reach, which in turn aids them in gaining dominance in the digital sphere among their rivals.

“Additionally, ninth has a policy that involves working with young creatives to develop new innovative ideas in our field of expertise, which then facilitates and encourages the expansion of other businesses.”

Concerning his business plans, Oluwatimilehin plans to delve into the real estate sector.

On his advice for other entrepreneurs, he says, “Stick to what you love and know it would open doors for you.

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