Oke Oladimeji: Techpreneur Using Digital Marketing For Financial Freedom and Business Growth

Digital marketing is at the core of the most successful internet-based businesses and has proven to be the most effective type of marketing. With a market size of $49.5 Billion, the digital marketing space will keep getting bigger as more businesses turn to it due to the pandemic.

In Nigeria, digital marketing is at its infancy stage when compared to other global markets and the billions of dollars spent globally. Young Nigerians, however, are making an impact in the field, and one of them is Oke Oladimeji, a self-taught Credit Analyst turned Digital Marketing expert.

In 2019, Oladimeji helped NewswireJet grow YoY by over 350%. NewswireJet is a top-rated press release distribution company with its headquarters in Chicago, USA. Using content writing services as a growth strategy, vver the past two years the fast-rising PR distribution company has been rated one of the best globally by more than six business blogs, including

In this interview, he shares insights from his journey and how anyone can tap into the power of personal re-invention to become financially independent and grow a six-figure business.

How did you start your journey into the digital marketing world?

I would say the journey started way back in 2005, as a teenager, when I had unhindered access to a cyber cafe just beside our home. I delved into opening Blogspot accounts, integrating them with Google Adsense then writing a couple of content and monetizing it.

Did you see the big picture then?

I did not see the big picture then because there was no mentorship, and I would say my discoveries were a bit uncommon in a world where the main thing was the dark side of the internet. I probably would have become a big tech mover considering my passion then, but I would say the financial part of the internet was pretty new then. Things are so different now as you see teenagers breaking through to 6-figure businesses.

How did you become Africa’s First Verified Pro Seller on Fiverr?

After working for one year at Advans Lafayette MFB, a French Financial institution here in Nigeria, I resigned to focus on freelancing after a friend told me about it. So, I started by writing articles and later become Africa’s first verified Pro Seller. The journey to Fiverr Pro seller took me about five years, but you know, you should never build your house on another man’s land. So now I focus on building global businesses, and we now hire freelancers.

Let me say this, there is a hand of divinity in my journey so far. At a point, I was finding it difficult to make headways as I ventured into real estate lead generation for US-based realtors. I later heard God speak to me about my business. Since then, I have focused on the core areas of my business and helping other businesses grow, and that has taken us to where we are today.

Can you share a few solutions you use for your projects?

Well, I use AuthorsGuild, a content writing agency to meet content targets. Outsourcing is very important if you want to scale your business, so we do that a lot. I also use press release writing services, to help get PR copies done professionally before distributing to Newswires. We use this for brand exposure for some of our clients.

How Do You Think People Can Gain Financial Freedom Building Digital Assets?

I think the real question is “Why should people build digital assets?” Building a digital asset is not only a smart decision but the wisest thing to do. As a Nigerian, If you own or build a site, rank it and then flip it for let’s say $50,000, that would amount to over N24,000,000. Please think about that for a minute.

In the same way, you can start an online agency and grow it into a four-figure income every month. Currently, an agency I help promote makes about $6,000 every month with about three freelancers working on the team. The problem is many people are never patient enough and brave enough to invest time and resources. Sadly, nothing grows without time and focus.

How Can People learn one or two things from You?

Sharing is living. I am starting an Instagram handle, @TractionJet, where I will be sharing tips on how to start and grow digital assets.

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