Meet Olubukola Ahmadu, entrepreneur creating professional make-up experiences

Owing to the growing middle-class population and increasing urbanisation, Nigerians have continued to desire better quality beauty and personal care products as they constantly attempt to boost their image and confidence.

This has translated to the impressive growth recorded in the country’s beauty and personal skin care market.

Olubukola Ahmadu, the founder of Mobie’s Beauty Place, is among the young entrepreneurs tapping opportunities in the country’s beauty industry.

She renders beauty and self-care services that provide professional make-up experiences for clients.

Mobie’s beauty place offers services like lash extensions, semi-permanent brows, pedicures, nails, tooth gems, teeth whitening, and training. It also sells lash products and wax kits for hair removals.

Olubukola went into the business because she wanted to make people beautiful and owing to her love for beauty and cosmetics.

“Ever since I was younger, I always loved anything that had to do with makeup and enhancing people’s beauty,” she says.

The young entrepreneur says that she chose this line of business because she had to stick with something she had a passion for to enjoy doing and be consistent with it.

“I started my business in 2018 as a makeup artist after I took part in makeup training, which cost N90,000 then,” she says. Two years later (2020) I officially opened a beauty studio where I added other beauty services.

Olubukola says she grew her business through Instagram, WhatsApp and frequent referrals from clients, family and friends.

“The growth of my business since its inception was very slow at the beginning and later picked up as I kept learning and advertising,” she says.

“I took upgrade courses to keep me in check and updated to render better services to my clients, which has helped the growth of my business.”

Olubukola says she gets the tools and products for her business from China and Nigeria. On FX challenges, she says that it has been challenging.

“Dealing with the foreign exchange has been challenging as I have to pay for my work tools in dollars and the exchange rate is high,” she says.

She also says that a major challenge she faced when she started in 2018 was recruiting trustworthy people and getting enough tools and products to work with.

“Coping with the current cost of doing business has been overwhelming, proper bookkeeping can help a bit to know if I’m running at a profit or loss,” she says.

Despite the strenuous economy, Olubukola says she still gets customers due to the good service she renders.

“Due to the good service I render, customers come back frequently. I also have good customer care which makes customers feel welcome and more comfortable doing business with me,” she says.

On why her business is still running smoothly, Olubukola says she put God’s hands in the running of her business, especially in adverts, both online and offline.

On the business’s long-term plans, she says it plans to keep rendering beauty services to people in a bigger and better way.

“Nigerians are benefiting from my business as I am making a lot of women get back their confidence and look pretty,” she says.

On her advice to other entrepreneurs / upcoming entrepreneurs, she says, “Be consistent and make out love for what you do to achieve consistency and growth. If you do not love what you do, you will end up exhausted and fall out of the business.

“Being consistent is what leads to growth and growth leads to making money off the business. Be patient with customers because as an entrepreneur you will come across different types of clients.

“So, do not get a bad name, much patience is needed to run your business smoothly. Love what you do, keep posting about your business every day and you will see changes.”