Meet Duro Kuteyi, an innovative food technologist

Duro Kuteyi is a renowned food technologist and the managing director of Spectra Industries Limited, a firm specialising in producing locally branded ingredients for baking such as Sobake Defatted Flour, Spectra Hyfiba, and FastoMeal among others for various categories of baking.

The Oye – Ekiti-born businessman studied Food Science and Technology at the Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), Ile-Ife in Osun State between 1972 and 1977.

He has a flinching interest in food processing and packaging, and small and medium scale enterprises (SME) development, among others.

He started his entrepreneurship journey over 40 years ago, ‘cutting his teeth in 1982 with the production of Betamark’s plantain chips, operating under Betamark Nigeria Limited.

The journey took him through many borrowing experiences which toughened him and made him become the resilient entrepreneur he is today.

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Kuteyi founded Spectra Industries Limited some 30 years ago with a vision to ensure that quality is not compromised by touching its products.

“From the onset 30 years ago, we resolved that we will never compromise on quality.

“I am glad to announce that both the federal and the various state governments have not only endorsed our products, but they have also found in them unrivaled quality such that during the Covid-19 lockdown, we partnered with the federal government by processing 10 trailers of sorghum and converting them to our branded Hyfiba.

“These were delivered to Abuja and other states such as Katsina, Niger, Ekiti, Lagos, Plateau, and Bauchi. We also donated our products to Lagos, Ogun, and Ekiti States for the states to include in the palliatives given to vulnerable groups.

“Our commitment to processing and manufacturing of food is made imperative by the need for Nigerians to eat healthy to live a healthy life,” he said

Sobake is made from Soybean, and it is made by roasting soybeans. It is high in protein because of its high lysine content while Soyflour is approximately 50 percent which is a lot more than wheat flour.

Spectra products are also rich in vitamins and minerals. Besides, they are well blended with high dietary fiber which helps boost consumers’ immunity.

The serial entrepreneur cited the lack of enabling policies from the government as one of the challenges hindering the progress of his industry.

Kuteyi, further explained that amidst all of the challenges, his company, Spectra Industries Ltd has been able to survive and today, the firm has quality functional products such as Suco Cocoa Powder, Spectra (Pure Natural) Cocoa, Hyfiba, Fast O Meal, Sobake, among others.

He reiterated that the company has new products that will meet local market demands and that are officially being unveiled to the global market, especially now wheat is scarce due to the Russia-Ukraine war.

However, he called on the federal government to develop a realistic and sustainable policy that will help SMEs such as Spectra Industries Limited overcome financing challenges as no nation develops without paying adequate attention to SMEs.

Narrating his journey to establishing Spectra Industries, he said that his life journey has indeed been a journey of a mixed grill of the good, the bad, and the ugly from the time he started frying plantain chips with a pot and burner to this present day where he has a world-class factory churning out globally competitive quality products.

“To the glory of God, from this mixed grill, we have been able to create a success story that has altered the competitive landscape of food processing and manufacturing in Nigeria.

“We have not only boldly stamped our name on the food processing and manufacturing industry in Nigeria; we are gradually building globally competitive brands that are attracting international recognition,” he said.

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