• Monday, December 04, 2023
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How Hadiza Ali Amodu is building a thriving fast-food business in Abuja

Hadiza Ali Amodu, a 24-year-old entrepreneur and founder of Six7 Restaurant, a fast-food business in Abuja, has proven that following one’s passion can lead to remarkable success in the world of entrepreneurship.

Born on May 5th, 1999, in Lagos to the family of AIG Ali Amodu Rtd, she grew up in Abuja, where she attended Samkings Schools. Her childhood was shaped by supportive parents, though her father’s strictness due to his background as an Assistant Inspector General in Nigeria Police Force motivated her to seek her path.

After graduating with a degree in human physiology from the University of Bingham, Nasarawa state, Hadiza knew that she wanted to be self-employed and then delved into the food business, despite her parents’ initial reservations.

Her love for food, coupled with her desire to create a unique culinary experience, led her to enrol in a culinary school where she mastered the art of African and continental cuisines.

During the Covid lockdown, in October 2020 precisely, Hadiza embarked on her entrepreneurial journey by starting an online food business named Six7 Restaurant, initially operating from her father’s backyard.

The restaurant was inspired by African and continental cuisines and quickly gained popularity among her family and friends. However, despite her passion, she faced challenges in attracting a broader customer base.

Recognizing the importance of marketing, Hadiza invested in online digital classes to improve her promotional strategies. Slowly and steadily, her efforts paid off, and Six7 Restaurant began to gain traction.

As demand grew, she expanded her offerings to include catering services, bulk office orders, walk-in service, and food delivery.

Hadiza’s perseverance and commitment to her dream saw her through tough times, including a brief closure in 2021 when she realized the need to refine her business model and learn more about food costing. Learning from her experiences, she returned with an even stronger determination to succeed.

Today, Six7 Restaurant stands out as a premium fast-food destination in Asokoro, Abuja, offering a diverse menu of delectable dishes such as BANGA soup, fisherman soup, eforiro, afang soup, jollof rice, fried rice, OFADA rice with OFADA sauce, native rice, native pasta, gizdodo, seafood rice, Chinese rice with chicken chili sauce, burgers, milkshakes, and shawarma.

Hadiza’s success story highlights the importance of having a creative mind, strong work ethic, and passion for one’s craft; leaving trails of lessons for aspiring entrepreneurs to seize opportunities when they arise, be consistent, proactive, and remember that they are the face of their brand.