Amodemaja Adeboye: Deal maker, serial entrepreneur 

Amodemaja Adeboye is the chief executive officer (CEO) of Alanquadri Investment Nigeria Ltd, a thriving business playing a leading role in several sectors of the Nigerian economy.
The business operates across sectors – real estate, livestock farming and crop production is no stranger to success in the Nigerian business landscape.
Adeboye, a serial entrepreneur, has carved an enviable niche for himself in the Nigerian entrepreneurial landscape.
Touted as one of Nigeria’s emerging start-ups to take over the Nigerian entrepreneurial ecosystem shortly, Adeboye has continued his winning streak like a veteran, scaling new heights and expanding his ever-growing business portfolios.
Best known for his simplicity and easygoing disposition, he has had incredible success in the entrepreneurial world thanks to his Alanquadri brand.
His successes in business can be traced to his many years of hard work and consistency in the pursuits of excellence and fulfillment.
With the help of God, his many years of hustle have paid off big time. He has earned his money legitimately and he is using his resources to help others fulfill their destinies.
That’s the hallmark of the Alanquadri brand. To his credit, Adeboye has built his Alanquadri Investment Nigeria Ltd into one of the most sought-after companies in Nigeria.
He has injected innovations into the company’s operations and his strong reputation of integrity and commitment to excellence has put his company miles ahead of competitors.
But unknown to many, there is something that Adeboye is even more active in than he is in business and that’s philanthropy.
Though not one that engages in vain self-glorification, he is of international repute and has continued to be a blessing to humanity.
He is quietly shining his light on humanity. Little wonder, he was honoured with the chieftaincy title of Sarumi of Ijeun last year in recognition of his philanthropic gestures and community development efforts.
A man of many parts, Adeboye is described as a charismatic businessman, a dependable ally and a doting father who is passionate about philanthropy.
His bright personality has endeared him to a lot of people and opened great doors for him in the Nigerian business terrain.