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Why I am into gospel music despite graduating as a Chemical/Polymer engineer – Ehi

Ada Ogochukwu Ehi, simply known by her stage name, Ada Ehi, is a Nigerian gospel singer, songwriter, recording and performing artist. Since she professionally started her music career in 2009, she has increasingly gained local and international popularity through her songs and music videos.

Ada Ehi got featured in the latest episode of Grammy’s ‘Positive Vibes Only’ show. The Nigerian International Christian singer and songwriter performed a sweet remix of her recent classic “Congratulations” off her latest album “Born of God” released in December 2020 under her label FreeNation INC. She and the band delivered a soothing performance on this episode which is the first feature of a Nigerian Christian and the first from the African Christian space at large. She recently crossed the 1 million YouTube subscriber mark and was awarded the YouTube Gold Awards.

In this interview with IFEOMA OKEKE, she speaks on how she attained some of these feats.

Ada Ehi has become a renowned name in the Nigerian music industry. When did you start singing and what inspired you to go into music full time?

I have been singing and loving music since I was a very little girl, perhaps my entire life in my fun and happy way. My mother always said whenever she wanted to make my hair she would just slot in ‘The Sound of Music’, ‘The King and I’ or any musical and I would sit still till she was done. Professionally, I recorded my first single in 2005 while I was still an undergraduate but I will say I went professionally 2009/2010.

There are assumptions that gospel music does not get as much traction as secular music does in Nigeria. How true is this assumption?

I get to be asked that a lot more when I’m being interviewed, I think because the nature of Christian music is such that it requires you give yourself wholeheartedly to the vision the Lord lays in your heart to do as He wills to turn all to Him while acknowledging you truly are whatever you are by Him and for him alone. No other conversations but what truly matters hence people only hear us speak about The Message mostly and so they feel we have nothing to brag about or show off. Also, if you want to buy meat, you go to a meat seller because if you go to the vegetable market you would think everyone in that town is a vegetarian.

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What has been the experience for you playing actively as a gospel musician in Nigeria? Could you share some of your challenges?

Actually, my experience has been really good to be honest, it has always been my dream to sing for the Lord also I always has the witness in my spirit and through people dreams and encounters that God’s hand were on me, so I grew up looking forward to this day and to see the manifestations of those things the Lord said to me years ago and to see the impact of my ministry, Ahhhh, I am most grateful. Challenges would be that initial courage to take the first step after graduating as a Chemical/Polymer Engineer and I chose music. Believing in you when your mind is screaming THINK! It is not for the faint-hearted.

You were recently featured in the latest episode of Grammy’s ‘Positive Vibes Only’ show. This is a great feat. Could you share some of what you did to attain this feat and what does this mean to your career?

Honestly, I didn’t see it coming! I actually thought it was a prank but I thank God for helping me and for the feature, was truly honoured to have had the opportunity to feature on that platform. I believe the world is paying attention to Nigerian content creators. My feature isn’t in isolation as we all know Nigerian artists are shattering all the glass ceilings, when you put in some work and you put it out there, you pray people especially the right people get hold of them. I have been mightily helped by God.

What inspired the remix of your recent classic ‘Congratulations’?

I wanted to perform it differently you know; I love singing that song and so at rehearsals I take the song to places I love. A happy song is always full of colours and that expression was one of the colours of that song.

Tell us about your latest album “Born of God” released in December 2020 under her label FreeNation. This album seems to be one of your best. What is the secret?

Born of God is definitely a good one, personally I hear improvement and growth in my musical expression which is something I work towards as the evidence of the investment of my time and Spiritual growth in my walk with the Lord. You know musicians love to stay inspired so we keep the melodies coming, my inspiration is the Love of Christ and the word of His grace. He is my secret and that’s not a secret.

You and your band delivered a soothing performance on this episode which is the first feature of a Nigerian Christian and the first from the African Christian space at large. Were you expecting this huge milestone and how do you feel about this?

No, I wasn’t expecting it honestly, still is as it was a beautiful surprise and thanks on the complement on the band, I will pass it forward to them. I feel honoured and graced.

You recently crossed the 1 million YouTube subscribers mark, thereby awarded the YouTube Gold Awards. Were there deliberate efforts you made to attain this mark?

If I can say anything I did was my effort it would be consistency and the desire to do more and to do better. Above all, the Lord granted me favour with people, if we had a formula that gets people watch and subscribe we probably would have had everyone on YouTube subscribe by now.

What advice do you have for gospel musicians seeking visibility in Nigeria’s music industry?

I would say get to know Jesus and the powers of His resurrection; The Holy Ghost

What is the next big thing for Ada Ehi?

The next big thing would be to out do my best, bigger than yesterday.

How are you able to conveniently manage the family front and your career?

Honestly, I have to make sacrifices and learn to manage my time much more effectively and always surround myself with the right people who truly care about me and inspire me. Yes, the gift of the right people and most of all the Help of the Spirit of God who never lets anyone down.

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