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PenOp partners LeapFrog to evolve leadership support for member companies

As the business environment becomes more challenging with requirements for transformational and effective leaders at all levels of the organization, the Pension Fund Operators Association of Nigeria (PenOp) has invited LeapFrog Talent Accelerator to enhance leadership needs for her members.

LeapFrog Talent Accelerator is an initiative launched by global impact investment firm, LeapFrog Investments. It is a boutique talent advisory business that focuses specifically on developing leaders within LeapFrog’s portfolio of companies.

Due to the success of their interventions and the increasing demand from organizations outside of their portfolio, the Talent Accelerator together with PenOp are looking for opportunities to bring their solutions to the broader pension industry.

As part of PenOp’s monthly knowledge sharing session, talent development experts from the LeapFrog Talent Accelerator spent some time with more than 80 senior level executives from Nigeria’s pension industry.

The focus of the session was to take participants through some key leadership challenges in managing talent across organizations and how to effectively manage these to improve team and organizational success.

The session also included a panel discussion with some executives from Ghana, Nigeria and South Africa who have experienced various strategic interventions led by the Talent Accelerator team. This provided a more in-depth view of challenges leaders in these markets face, and the benefits of managing talent effectively contributing to overall business success.

Participants left the session feeling invigorated with tools they could use, insight they could reference and a desire to delve deeper into the development process.

Oguche Agudah, CEO of Pension Fund Operators Association of Nigeria commented on the session, saying “Everything rises and falls on leadership. The growth of an organization, team or Nation is dependent on the quality of its leaders and that’s why leadership development is very important for us in the pension industry”.

He concluded by saying the prospect of the growing the relationship between Nigeria’s pension industry and the LeapFrog Talent Accelerator is positive and is set to yield considerable dividends in better run firms that will translate to better outcomes for all stakeholders.

Pension Fund Operators Association of Nigeria (PenOp) is an independent, non-governmental, non-political and non-profit making body.

PenOp was established to promote the operations of the pension industry, provide for self-regulation and ensure that international best practices relating to the industry are observed by the operators registered in Nigeria. It is the umbrella association for all the Licensed Pension Fund Custodians, Pension Fund Administrators and Closed Pension Fund Administrators (PFCs, PFAs and CPFAs) operating in Nigeria.

Its role internally, is to add value to its members across all levels; information, education, visibility, networking, strategy, product development, etc. Externally its role is to increase the awareness and visibility of the pension industry and enable external stakeholders understand and participate in the development of this financial sub-sector wherever and whenever possible.

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