• Sunday, December 03, 2023
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Leadway optimises digital customer engagement with virtual assistant

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In its mission to elevate premium service provision through technology and digitisation, leading financial services organisation Leadway Assurance Company Limited has unveiled LOLA, a virtual assistant.

LOLA was designed to play the role of an always-on customer service representative, magnificently equipped with artificial intelligence and multiple scenario programming to enable her assist the customers in all ramifications.

With LOLA, Leadway Assurance hopes to eliminate the numerous pain points for its consumers, such as the cumbersome queues at experience centres and clunky paperwork, which they may be otherwise subjected to during in-person visits. Hence with LOLA, customers can buy insurance plans, make claims, report complaints, and track policies using their WhatsApp social media platform.

Speaking on the significance of this ground breaking feat as well as its relevance to the enhancement of Leadway’s plethora of services, Tunde Hassan Odukale, managing director of Leadway Assurance, expressed immense satisfaction at the insurance major’s outstanding commitment to meeting its ever-evolving customer demands, especially by leveraging technology.

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He states, “As industry leaders in the Nigerian insurance sector, caring for and meeting up with the multiplicity of our customers’ demands is a point of significant priority and an integral aspect of our operational ethos.”

As such, over the years, we have committed immense human and natural resources to ensure that we not only satisfy these expectations but also consistently unveil innovative methods leveraging the rapid evolution of digital technology.

“More importantly, as a future-centric organisation, we recognised the two-pronged role of technology and digitisation in our business operations.” While, on the one hand, technology has impacted our modern-day customers by empowering them to demand a swift, real-time audience to their situations, we have also identified that it is the key to unlocking their true satisfaction by leveraging the real-time, immersive, and dynamics capabilities of digital technology”

“To this end, we have invested significantly in optimising our customer engagement capabilities and creating a customised digital experience for our clientele by leveraging these advantages.” In this regard, we have designed LOLA, a virtual assistant platform, to allow our consumers unlimited, real-time, swift, round-the-clock, and immersive access to all our services and enquiries using WhatsApp, the most accessible social media platform in Nigeria with over 90 million active users.