Edie & Amy Co an Online Platform for Nigerian Moms on Conception, Pregnancy, Childbirth and Child Development Launches

In 2017, a then-pregnant medical doctor realised that neither her professional training nor the way information and tools were passed across to her as a mum receiving antenatal care in Nigeria were enough to prepare her for the challenges she faced during pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding. Majority of the innovative solutions available to new mothers outside the country as well as comprehensive and evidence-based information on each stage of pregnancy, childbirth, after delivery care and newborn behaviour, were not easily accessible.

This led to the birth of The Edie and Amy Company ( Edie & Amy Co.), a maternal focussed online media and product company based out of Lagos, Nigeria.

Edie & Amy Co provides information on getting pregnant, early signs of pregnancy, what to expect during pregnancy, childbirth and early childhood development for African parents and expecting mothers with a strong focus on the mother’s well being.
This month, Edie and Amy Co will be taking things a step further with the launch of its website. With the current health situation in the country, it is imperative Nigerian and African women have unlimited access to information that is free of jargon and has been vetted by qualified medical professionals.

With user-friendly navigations and functionalities, helps mothers to grasp, understand and access relevant health information. Its unique content makes health information accessible to women of all ages and backgrounds. The ultimate goal of providing content in this way is to empower mothers to make informed decisions about their health, engage better with their health providers, thus improve their lives and health outcomes.
Visitors to the website will have free access to Edie & Amy Co’s pool of content, shop for self-care products for new and expecting mothers, subscribe to receive newsletters, and navigate links to engage with more of the company’s content on social media.

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