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Dealing with dream killers at home and work place (2)

Dealing with dream killers at home and work place (2)

Last week, we looked at the first part of this gist and talked about Family dream killers. That is how your family members could discourage you with all kinds of their selfish reasons from following your dreams and becoming a career hit.  The confusing part of family dream killers is that these are people very, very close to you and know your in and out and it is not very easy keeping them away from your life.  Do not ban them out of your life completely  but the best you can do is not to share your dreams and life vision with them since they will see you as a threat and an imbecile.   It is sad/annoying dealing with family dream killers  but that is the way some life issues are. They suck but we have to deal with them outrightly!  You got to do what you got to do at a certain point in time of your life to move ahead.

Today let us beam a search at two other bad categories of  dream killers- Colleague and Friends Dream killers.  Now, this group can be very toxic as well especially if the colleagues are the ones you always chat and love to mingle with at work and the friends are those whom you even love more than your family members. Yes, there are friends who are much closer to some people than their family members. You tell them all kinds of secrets which you do not even tell your siblings or close relatives.

Colleagues dream killers are either the lousy ambitious staff who has been looking for ways to excel in your establishment but do not have the creativity and intelligence, skills like you do or fellow staff who hate you ‘secretly’ with passion.  If you have such a person as one of your colleagues and both of you are pretty close, i am sure he/she will be the first person you will confide in before even getting your ideas and initiative to your boss.  For you not to stop confiding in him/her since you both are buddies, he/she will say your initiative is very good but goes at your back to present it to your establishment before you do. This is where acting fast with your dreams and visions comes in  once you perceive them. Procrastination has hindered lots of people from being successful with great ideas and creativity.  If you love your office colleague so much and insist on exposing your ideas, ensure that you have finalized plans to forward your proposals either to your boss/establishment without wasting more days.  Do not make the silly mistake of also giving him or her your whole blue print . If you do, you have buttered his/her bread and all your brain work will be transferred to his/her hacking brain.  If you do not submit your presentation fast, the period you wait and procrastinate, your office colleague will take the shine off you.

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For your information, such persons care less about how you will react because they know you will feel bad but they do not give a shit about your feelings and that is why i refer them as ‘’killers’’.  They are dangerous so you have to be wise in dealing with such individuals.  Companies are always looking for very brainy and creative workers so if another colleague steals your brain work and initiative, it means for the rest of your stay in that office, he/she will be above you both in pay cheque, personality approval, performance  and much more regarded than you by your other colleagues and establishment.   This could hurt badly huh? Someone drinking champagne/driving red Ferrari with the sweat of your destiny without flinching or any apology.

The only way you might stop this is, if you carry your case to your immediate boss and your boss is a reasonable person but how many bosses want to listen to such office drama? They will now make you to want to hang your self  for your sloppiness and why you did not come to her/him first.  Uhhhhhhhhhh…office politics? Tell me about it!!!!!

Again, you will continue to be stupid in the eyes of your dangerous(i do not like to see such persons as being smart or clever…they are simply dangerous beings) if you continue being nice.  Such persons will not understand that your not hitting back is because of your decency  but sees you as an idiot if you continue your usual parley with him/her.

As long as you are a gifted person, what you do is to think of  new  initiatives that will benefit your  employer(s). Waste no time in brooding over what has happened because it is done and worrying over it will simply make you less active at work. The best of you should erupt when such betrayals happened.

Finally, Friend dream  killers.   They operate same way as colleagues dream killers do. You are very close and talk all the time about your day to day activities. The tricky part of  such friends is that, he/she  could be a fair weather friend but you never noticed. Such friends can conceal their deadly acts like hell and you will only know their real motives about you when they hit you badly. These are same friends that destroys your image before a prospective marital partner without you having a clue.  You are not working in the same establishment with him/her but you leak all your job activities to this so called good friend.

Rather than such friends watching your back for you, he/she must find a way to kill your career dreams. Most of such friends are not on the same level of  career with  you and all their lives as your friend, they have wished to be like you and live your life. When such great ideas gets to their wicked ears, that is the end of story. Why? You have always trusted and share your activities with him/her and you do most of the things suggested by such a friend .  Can you imagine someone who have been wishing to have all the good things of life you have hear that, you have a wonderful proposals that will make your employer raise your salary and give you more working incentives? This  will never happen  as long as the idea has been exposed to such a bad friend.  Oh…such  friend is more than a bad friend.  There will be a stage as you continue being friends with him/her , the jealousness will spiral out of order and becomes deadly and for you not be tormenting him/her with your good life/job, your life will be at stake.

Final word on dream killers? Be very careful whom you exposed your dreams and career ideas to.  Some people do not like tasking their brains to be creative and innovative and always on the look out for those who have the brains to do so. Once they hear what you have, their brain starts work and such persons are just too damned wicked. They care less what happens after and can go to any level to have their way. Know who your colleagues, friends really-really are before opening up.  Those who have been destroyed career wise by dream killers will understand pretty much what i am talking here.  No one kills you for not sharing your dreams…it is your dreams and you have the right to keep it your self till you are sure of when/where you want to execute it.

If you have a story to share here that can help others protect their dreams and deal with dream killers, feel free to email it.