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Meet Sola Adesakin, entrepreneur coaching on financial literacy

If there’s one critical area of life many have not been able to demystify, it is gaining mastery of their finance. Sadly, as important as finance is, it’s hardly taught in most institutions of learning.

However, there are a few, who by study and experience have positioned themselves to teach financial literacy to as many that desire so with undeniable proof.

One of such persons and highly sought-after, is Sola Adesakin, a financial literacy enthusiast, who through her start-up, Smart Stewards Advisory Limited, has brought mentees out of financial quagmire to financial stability.

Sharing how it all began Sola said, “My personal experience with money was a major factor in deciding to teach financial literacy to others. I am quite aware that our formal education system does not equip one with what it takes to manage and multiply money.”

“So, after graduating as a Chartered Accountant, I had lots of struggles managing my finances. With a well-paying job before me, I still find myself always broke,” she said.

“Like most people, I made lots of wrong money decisions and had to bear the consequences. Then, it hit me that I needed to do something about my finances. I had to take personal responsibility to achieve this,” she added.

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Adesakin explained further that while this battle lasted, she stumbled on a book that simplified money management. This however gave her a new perspective on money.

“I began to take my finances more seriously. I embraced financial literacy, discipline, and budgeting with all carefulness. And for the first time since I began earning, I was able to save in seven digits as well as earn seven-digit in returns on my investments,” she stated.

The financial literacy coach noted that it takes personal responsibility to break out of the streak of lack and coming to terms with this early in life.

She added that these are reasons why she has had to embark on this journey of helping people understand the concept of making, managing and multiplying money for the past few years through her annual Smart Stewards Summit.

Adesakin, giving insight on her business said it’s a tech-enabled Financial Literacy Organisation that currently provides financial literacy courses, content, consulting and coaching to people and organisations in over 30 countries. They also have an investment Club, a financial literacy Academy among others.

“In only three years of existence of The Smart Investment Club, our 10,000-member community of professionals has now been able to invest in local and global opportunities in millions of dollars.

“I have also published eight books to teach financial literacy to people at different levels and in all age brackets. Our work has also been featured on Print and TV Media in Nigeria and around Africa.”

The entrepreneur explained that the journey has not all been rosy. She has this to say on handling challenges.

“Success for me is more of a journey than a destination. Hence, challenges will continue to show up along the way. One major challenge for me was dealing with the consequences of past mistakes, overcoming the constant fear that I could repeat them, self-sabotage and lack of self-awareness.

As a Nigerian, there are a couple of opportunities that would require twice as much effort to leverage as what is required of my contemporaries in the western world, she said.

However, I am glad that technology has made the world a little more borderless, and that my foreign credentials make those opportunities available to me also, she noted.

In her word of encouragement to struggling entrepreneurs, she said “I believe in the process. I believe in four seasons. I believe that winter’s tough, but spring’s coming. I believe that there’s a growing season. ”

“From time to time, life will place higher demands on you. Your capabilities will be stretched. Your talents and skills will be tasked. It’s not usually pleasant, but it always would be purposeful and productive,” she further said.

“Keep giving your best and moving ahead. The Universe always rewards momentum,” she added.

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