All On, NCIC pledge $80,000 support for early stage off-grid energy projects

Shell-seeded renewable energy investor, All On, in collaboration with the Nigeria Climate Innovation Center (NCIC) is sponsoring a six-month incubation programme to support early -stage off-grid energy projects across the country.

The programme will provide early-stage renewable energy businesses with training and support in various areas aimed at developing their business knowledge and commercial skillset, according to a new report by the organisations.

Adamu Garba, senior business venture analyst (NCIC) said “The programme is made up of 20 sessions tailored specifically to suit the objectives for which the incubation was designed.

“The programme will be run virtually in response to the Covid-19 pandemic,” he said.

Garba said that the courses that will be taught will be facilitated by professionals and resource persons that have been carefully vetted and selected to provide the most desired impact.

However, there will be a physical demo day at the end of the programme where all the programme participants will pitch their business ideas to a select group of judges and 8 of the most viable businesses will be awarded a grant of $10,000 each.

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Bankole Oloruntoba, Team Lead, Nigeria Climate Innovation Center (NCIC), said “The participants will be provided with adequate internet access to support the process.

“The programme will create sustainable green businesses which will create job opportunities for Nigerians,” he noted.

However, the programme will provide innovative ways for Nigerians to use renewable energy equipment.

The programme draws applications from all over the country through a very inclusive approach to represent scalable ideas designed to bridge the energy gap peculiarities and challenges in different parts of the country, Garba noted.

Nigeria needs innovators like these entrepreneurs who work tirelessly in developing and deploying alternative power solutions to off-grid and unserved communities.

According to Garba, this is the third edition of the Embryo Incubation Programme (EIP).
The first one was hosted by NCIC in 2020, the second in 2021 and the third one which has kicked off in 2022.

So far, the programme has incubated 32 start-ups and the present edition promises to incubate 17 businesses.

At the end of the current edition of the programme, a total of 49 businesses would have been supported and impacted by the programme, he said.

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