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Utility Token, Tatcoin Added to ivendPay payment system

African’s largest utility token, Tatcoin has been added to the ivendPay payment system, one of the largest crypto payments processor across Africa and Europe.

Tatcoin became the 18th cryptocurrency to be integrated into the ivendPay payment service for vending and retail.

This will allow users around Europe and Asia using the ivendPay platform to pay for goods and services using Tatcoin.

According to Sergey Danilov, CEO of ivendPay, vending networks constantly generate thousands of microtransactions, which contribute to the growth of capitalization and the strengthening of the cryptocurrency exchange rate.

As stated by the founder of Tatcoin,  Gaius Chibueze, the decision to integrate into ivendPay was supported by the community. The ability to use TAT Coin as payment in automated trading will help increase the value of the coin for users.

“Congrats to our Team, tatcoin is now on ivendpay The biggest Cryptocurrency payment gateway for vending machines across Asia and Europe”, Gaius Chibueze (CEO and CMO of ABiT Network).

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