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Tatcoin Lists on Naija Crypto and Bidesk

On Friday , July 24, Bidesk and Naija Crypto began accepting inbound transfers and Trading of Abit’s Native Token, Tatcoin on their exchanges.

The listing was announced officially on their Twitter platforms that holders of Tatcoin can now send and receive their tokens on their platforms.

Bidesk exchange is a digital asset trading platform that has been built to provide a secure and safe environment for trading high quality tokens and coins. With over $1 billion in trading volume . The exchange announced on twitter about the listing “We will list Tatcoin (TAT) and open trading for TAT/BTC trading pair at 2020/07/24 16:00 PM (UTC). Users can now start depositing TAT in preparation for trading.”

Just recently Tatcoin was listed on Idex and Bitfxt where Gaius Chibueze, the Founder and CMO, told BusinessDay that the move on these exchanges was expected given that “Tatcoin has a very high use case and also that a lot of people believe in the project.”

Crypto exchanges are simply exchanges or platforms that facilitate the exchange of one cryptocurrency for another, the buying and selling of crypto assets, and most times the use of normal cash (fiat currencies) in exchange for a digital coin or cryptocurrency. Crypto exchanges also help in determining the rate of these cryptocurrencies, based on demand and supply mechanisms.

With the listing on Tatcoin on different exchanges , Users can simply transfer their tokens to trade against fait or other coins or buy directly from any of these exchanges.

Top users and holders of the Tatcoin token have advised investors to hold patiently and for the long term to make huge profits.

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