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A few days to the last event labelled internet money conference 2020 hosted by the young visionary entrepreneur and business leader Chris Ani, the man was already intrigued and elated at the remarkable guest speakers.

Its obvious DABA is taking a different look spontaneously. As a matter of fact, DABA is a redefined online educational platform considering the height of impact Chris Ani has made even during the COVID-19. Contrary to what people believe about learning and it’s settings in Africa, Chris Ani is giving hopes to many.

There are neither boundaries nor limitations to this light he’s shedding within and across the shores of Africa. Regardless of the corona Virus outbreak, youths are maximizing the moment, enrolling and taking digital courses to help enhance their standard of living and also improve their finances. With the increase in digital skill demands, people working from home and business models being altered, Chris designed DABA to help young people and organizations gain relevant strategies and in-demand global skills for scaling, wealth creation and financial independence.

More about Chris Ani and his immense positive influence on the young ones keep unravelling daily as more lives are being blessed through this platform. To some who are yet to know him and his online business strategy, this is just the right time to find out. The courses being offered at DABA and what tools individuals use in amassing the knowledge.

Chris Ani is an entrepreneur, author, startup advisor, bitcoin and block chain advocate. He is the founder and CEO of the daba whose website is widely known as A fast-growing online educative platform which offers in-demand high-income digital skills. Chris Ani is a young man who’s desire is to see young people within and across Africa empowered with profitable skills. He founded DABA with the mission to eradicate poverty thereby ameliorating unemployment within the society.

The well structured educative platform is designed to offer various courses where people can learn from the comfort of their homes using their laptops or smartphones. Part of his vision is to equip one hundred million people with financial freedom through high income and digital skills. The sets of skills include WhatsApp monetization, Website development , Social media money code, digital marketing , Wealth code 1.0, Affiliate marketing, Trade and make money, Design and earn UI/UX, and Video making/editing

Daily, young people across the globe are earning massively through the WhatsApp monetization course. A course that educates people on how to earn through the effective use of their WhatsApp status. Some of these students are already making hundreds and thousands of dollars every day. The most shocking of all is the daily earnings generated by these students during the COVID-19 phase. Students and non-academic individuals enrolled in the aforementioned courses and earned enormously by simply implementing all that was taught.

In the month of May 2020, three daba students reported over 1million Naira in earnings in their whole time of doing online business. A 18 year old Precious acknowledge that she made money applying the strategies from whatsapp monetization course and also doing some trades on bitcoin with the money made from the first course , at the end of the month she summed up her earnings and it did cross N1,000,000 .

As a thought leader, Chris Ani is committed to transforming lives through this platform, ensuring that people within and outside Nigeria attain financial freedom. Indeed Chris Ani is changing the narrative, redefining the concept of education by bringing it closer to anyone around the globe. Anyone anywhere across the world can get a high income digital skill that can help them grow their capacity and start their businesses.

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