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ABiT integrates Nigerian Naira Wallet to all its platform

ABiT Network, Blockchain-based solutions provider and financial literacy company with offices in Nigeria, Dubai and the US, has added a fiat wallet, the ABiT Naira wallet that allows users send and receive money from external sources.

The CMO for ABiT Network Gaius Chibueze explained that this will make people easily send Naira to each of the platforms existing in the ABiT Chain and allow users buy cryptocurrency Tatcoin not just on ABiTrader, a platform that allows people learn how to trade Crypto Currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, but also on subsidiaries like ABiT Farm, ABiT Go.

With the rising demand for diverse investment avenues in Nigeria, and also cryptocurrency trading, ABiT Network has provided a platform where people can choose from a range of alternative investments including real estate.

ABiT Naira Wallet provides an account number for the user to receive money from external sources like the local bank and after funding with the local bank, pay for services using the NGN Pair said Raymond Idu, CTO ABiT Network.

“With an account on any of ABiT Network products, the ABiT Naira wallet allows you to receive money from an external source (your local bank) using an account number, receive money from an internal source (within ABiT network) using your email and send money within ABiT Network using email,” said Idu. “It also serves as a payment option for services on ABiT network.”

ABiT Network recently announced its talent hunt that will see 3 persons win 1 million naira. Winners would be selected from a pool of participants that create songs, or rap videos, post on social media, tag Tatcoin token and then use the hashtag #TatcoinTalent, said the blockchain-based solutions provider.

ABiT Network so far has made investment opportunities easier and better, creating multiple products that people can earn from.

These products include ABiT Crowd, a real estate crowdfund Platform, ABiT Go, that allows people travel around the world, have luxurious trips and still earn from it and also ABiT Farms, which is expected to scale fast as Nigeria as an economy depends largely on agricultural products.

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