• Friday, May 24, 2024
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Passengers who arrived on flight BA 75 on 13th March advised to  isolate selves


Passengers who arrived on British Airways flight 75 on 13th of March have been advised to isolate themselves in a bid to curtail a possible spread of coronavirus.

Emmanuel Abayomi, a renowned consultant with the Nigerian Institute of Medical Research on his twitter handle stated: “If you are a passenger on BA 75 that arrived in Lagos on 13th March 2020, stay at home and isolate yourself for 14days.”

However experts have advised the government to impose travel ban as half-measures may not be enough to fight the virus.

Ikechi Uko, a travel expert and consultant, admitted that it was time to close the borders, with the third case of Covid19 in Nigeria.

“I have been against closing of the border and declaring an emergency but with this whole family in quarantine, it is time to activate the protocols. There should be no public gatherings, no touching, no meetings for the next 15 days.

“Can we all push this agenda. I know it hurts our industry but we should lead and save the society,” Uko added.