Only 10 countries used up 75% of available COVID-19 vaccines, says UN

Only 10 countries have administered 75 percent of all available COVID-19 vaccines, yet more than 130 countries have not received a single dose, Antonio Guterres, United Nations secretary-general, tweeted raising an alarm on Wednesday.

“Those affected by conflict and insecurity are being left behind. Everyone, everywhere, must be vaccinated as soon as possible,” he wrote.

In the group of countries mopping up available vaccines are the US, China, EU, UK, India, Israel, UAE, Turkey, Brazil and Germany.

In the US, 53.8 million doses have been administered, at an average of 1.68 million doses per day. China has administered 40.5 million, the European Union over 21.5 million, the UK 15.9 million, India 8.2 million, and Morocco 1.3 million.

Some responders to his tweets urged the World Health Organisation to fast-track its mission through COVAX being a global instrument that can reach millions of people who are left behind.

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