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ACT Foundation launches new COVID-19 response initiative

…to provide PPE to frontline medical workers in Nigeria

ACT Foundation, a non-profit, grant-making organisation that supports local, national and regional non-profit organisations working to address challenges and associated vulnerabilities across Africa, has launched a new COVID-19 response initiative to provide PPE to frontline medical workers in Nigeria.

This was made possible with the financial support provided by Novartis through its Nigeria office.

The COVID-19 global pandemic has highlighted the inadequacies of health care systems around the world. Countries have been faced with a shortage of necessary protective equipment, putting an additional toll on healthcare workers at the frontlines, and increasing their risk of contracting the virus. In developing countries where there is insufficient health infrastructure, healthcare workers are at an even higher risk.

Unfortunately, these shortages in protection for medical personnel adversely affect patients as well.

In Nigeria, due to the increasing rates of infection amongst healthcare workers, many are hesitant to meet with patients, leading to lower diagnosis and testing rates, and ultimately more lives lost. This means that the provision of PPE to healthcare workers in Nigeria is paramount for the successful fight against COVID-19.
The ACT Foundation’s intervention is a direct response to the lack of access to Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for frontline workers.
The response intervention, which is made possible with the support of Novartis through its Nigeria office, aims to provide support for the various emergency activities in Nigeria against the spread of COVID-19 pandemic through distribution of face masks, face shields and latex disposable gloves; collaboration with medical personnel in beneficiary states; a training documentary to be made available for distribution to beneficiary centres; and information pamphlets to provide information on prevention of spread of the COVID19.

The distribution of PPE will be focused on three hotbed states – Lagos, Kano and Edo – and will be facilitated by the Foundation’s partners at Girlsaide Initiative, a local nonprofit committed to health education and empowerment. Lagos State, the epicentre of the virus in Nigeria, will be given top priority.

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