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Zipline Company set to launch drone delivery of medical supplies in Kaduna

Zipline Company, an aerial logistics company specialised in delivering medical commodities has put plans in motion to launch its operation in Kaduna and Cross Rivers States.

According to the company, it has entered into partnership with both state governments to help in the delivery of emergency and efficient medical care services.

When launched in September, 2021 in Kaduna, Zipline will render aerial logistics services that focus on delivering medical commodities to remote areas with aim of increasing product availability, service delivery to patients.

Speaking to newsmen recently about the company’s decision to set up its facility in Nigeria, Daniel Marfo, senior vice president, Zipline Africa, said the company has an ambitious plan to ensure it remove all barriers associated with the delivery of medical commodities to health facilities in Kaduna and Cross River States.

He said the company has built unmanned aerial drones to deliver medical commodities such as blood products to those who need them the most.

Marfo said that integrating aerial logistics into the states routine ground transport will allow for maximum coverage in all areas.

According to him, “Zipline will complement existing supply chain by enabling the state to streamline their entire supply chains across numerous industries, from national distribution down to the last mile.”

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He further noted that using the safest drone logistics service, Zipline’s on-demand service ensures products are readily available at health facilities.

“Technology has opened the door to new possibilities – being able to connect with a doctor through your phone and now, receiving medications at your doorstep via drone,” he said.

Marfo listed other advantage open with the setting up of the Zipline facility in Kaduna State in September is that it will provide an economically viable distribution system for hard to reach and underserved communities.

He further said that the successful partnership with Zipline and the Kaduna State government will give birth to the very first medical drone distribution site at the state.

On the advantage of this facility to Nigeria, Marfo explains that during emergencies, Zipline is able to deliver blood and other products in a reliable and time-saving manner to save the lives of people.

“Health facilities do not need to store medicines in large quantities which sometimes go to waste as a result of expiry as Zipline becomes a central hub to distribute medical products to those who need them.

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