Wellness HMO launches app to provide affordable, diverse healthcare services

In a bid to make healthcare service affordable and accessible to Nigerians, Wellness HMO has launched its Wellness Plus mobile application which is expected to transform healthcare service delivery in Nigeria.

Speaking at the launch of the application themed ‘power to choose’ held in Lagos, Adetutu Afolabi, Group MD/CEO, Wellness HMO said that the new App is the first of its kind in Nigeria, as it gives users the freedom to choose and customize the healthcare plan that suits their budgets, making it very easy for all to access an affordable and qualitative healthcare service.

“Individuals have the choice to access healthcare at any time and request for a doctor to consult with them virtually or visit them at home, also they can pay for only the care they need even if they don’t have any health insurance plan,” she said.

She further emphasized that individuals will not be restricted to any specific hospital, at any particular time, as they can also choose from the range of hospitals available on the app for specific health needs including dental and eye care, basic, comprehensive, pre-employment, and cancer screening, among others.

“With the new app, the era of self-medication in the country should be on its way out as individuals can now easily access quality healthcare services without necessarily subscribing to a health insurance plan as well as they monitor their health via the Wellness Plus app and the company’s IoT devices,” she said.

Mohammed Nasir Sambo, Executive Secretary, NHIS applauded Wellness HMO for the innovation, stating that it would revolutionize the health sector.

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Sambo who was represented by Bethuel-Kasimu Abraham, Deputy General Manager, Nigeria Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) Lagos Zonal Office said Wellness HMO is not resting on its oars in deploying technology to transform the country’s health sector while also helping Nigerian access affordable healthcare

“At NHIS, we are not working in isolation, we are working with stakeholders like Wellness HMO as our major interest is how many Nigerians are covered by health insurance but not how many are covered by NHIS,” he said.

Chimezie Anyakora, CEO, Bloom Public Health while delivering his keynote address on the topic “Adoption of Technology to Reduce the Burden of Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs)” described the Wellness App as a lifesaver that would help reduce NCDs as more people get access to healthcare through the app.

“Adopting technology builds on the habits acquired during this pandemic by allowing patients to take greater ownership of their health and enables the healthcare providers to deliver better care to many more people, thereby reducing the burden on our healthcare system,” he said.

Wellness Plus is a Nigerian health platform that allows access to prompt and quality healthcare services to Wellness enrollees and members of the public that needs to subscribe to an HMO plan. Also, individuals that need healthcare services without subscribing to a health insurance plan.

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