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Welcome to the Spurt! BusinessDay column!

Spurt! works to ensure businesses on the African continent succeed along multiple value chains— moving to export their products and services across the continent and beyond.

We are a dynamic consortium of professionals keen to share simple but useful insights to help people at the helm (and in the thick) of businesses in Africa become more productive, more efficient and more strategic.

You will hear from us on here every other week, but if you have questions, do send them our way too. We want to offer productive reflections and interrogations of processes you can adopt to help your businesses do better. Our work spans the across a range of industries but we are partial to family businesses, startups and small enterprises.

We are aware that most small business and startup founders are very busy and end up having to wear many hats. This means that you might focus on the two urgent things that need doing at your firm today and perhaps never get around to thinking about the less urgent but very important things until they become so urgent that they have the potential to cripple your business. It can feel like every day is a crisis. Our work at Spurt! interrupts this cycle and reshapes the way you build your business.

Perhaps, you plan to hire a consulting firm or the perfect employee to think deeply about and implement those important issues into the daily running of your business operations. Most consulting firms are expensive and finding the right employee talent is hard. We work to translate your hard-earned money into productive results. Our work bridges the gap between your aspirations for your business and the constraints that your environment imposes.

Spurt! is an atypical firm and we are first and foremost invested in supporting businesses on the path to success. We have the luxury of not being revenue-driven, indeed, our biggest constraint is time. We have limited amounts of it and want to make sure we are investing our time in the right businesses. We are invested in being your growth partners and have committed to be as committed to your business as you are.

We do not know everything (open secret: no one does), but we have proven time and time again that multiple intelligent heads working together is often a better deal than one head drowning under a mountain of work. We will not be careless with your business, we stake the entire value of our work not on our bottom line, but on yours.

Spurt! works to ensure businesses on the African continent succeed along multiple value chains— moving to export their products and services across the continent and beyond. We hold a vision for the increased and unparalleled success of the African businessman firmly in our minds. We hope you will find this column both useful and insightful.

This new and inspiring column will be written by Spurt! co-founder and Lead analyst Oladoyin and will focus on using Operations Research methods – Optimization and Machine Learning – to drive cost and time efficient operations decisions and practices. She primarily creates solutions that support companies.

In making informed operational and strategic decisions that lead to better customer experience. She does this by making data analysis more accessible and promoting a data-led culture. Her work experience cuts across the logistics, transportation, telecommunications, finance and technology industries, with a focus on data analysis, machine learning and optimization.

And Spurt! co-founder and Lead Strategist, Kristin, also heads up the Spurt! Research Practice. She is a business advisor specialising in operations and strategy. She has nearly 10 years of experience as a researcher and brings a consistent research driven and evidence-based approach to her practice. She has extensive working experience in health, education, agriculture and creative industries (fashion, visual arts) with specialisations in digital media, tech adoption and consumer goods value chain management across West Africa.

Let’s work together to bring about your growth Spurt!


Kristin & Oladoyin
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