• Tuesday, November 28, 2023
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Truthware, Iyconsoft Ltd unveil AI solution to detect scam callers

Charting the course of AI in Nigeria’s business terrain

Truthware Solutions Ltd and Iyconsoft Ltd have announced the launch of a new initiative designed to help businesses and consumers across African and emerging markets identify and block scam calls before they can be answered.

According to a statement seen by BusinessDay, the product called Airtel Mycalleris designed to mitigate the recurring problem of scam calls, spam calls and to reduce the anxiety of receiving unwanted and unsolicited calls.

Adebayo Osidibo, the general manager of Truthware Solutions Limited noted that, unlike other available caller identity services that require mobile data access, MyCaller is a democratised system where customers do not need mobile data to enjoy the service.

“MyCaller is engineered to work flawlessly without the internet and is compatible with any type of phone, bridging the technological gap in regions with significant feature phone penetration and limited broadband availability,” Osidibo said.

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He added, “This innovation ensures that every phone user, regardless of their device type or internet access, can now effectively combat spam, scam, and unidentified callers. MyCaller service is currently available on the Airtel Network as a VAS subscription service and it is accessible to all Airtel subscribers by dialing the short code *4552#.”

Ikechukwu Kalu, the founder and CEO of Iyconsoft stated that “MyCaller is a true indigenous solution developed by our team of top telecoms and software engineers, the technology powering MyCaller holds a certificate of patent according to the Patents and design Act of Nigeria.”

“The technology was reviewed and passed with no objection by the National Information Technology Development Agency on August 8th 2021 for deployment on operators’ network in Nigeria. With such documented design and rigorous quality assurance process, we are sure that Subscribers on the Airtel mobile network will enjoy a superior and cutting-edge product.”

Iyconsoft Ltd is a technology company based in Lagos focused on providing innovative software solutions and services to businesses in Africa and Emerging markets. Iyconsoft owns the technology patent for Wireless Caller Identity Solution in Nigeria.

Truthware Solutions is an innovative company formed to empower organisations to improve service delivery, operational excellence and digital transformation.