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Rentsmallsmall introduces Cotel to tackle Covid 19 challenges

RentSmallSmall, Nigeria’s leading Prop-Tech company providing on-demand Home Rental Solution with flexible rent payment has introduced a hospitality-focused work and live solution, Cotel.

Cotel furnishes its subscribers the flexibility to enjoy hotel-type ambience residences whilst catering to their workspace needs, thereby helping professionals thrive during and beyond the COVID19 season.

Speaking on this novel product, Tunde Balogun, co-founder, and chief executive officer of RentSmallSmall, said the company came up with this innovation to help professionals work and live better without exposing themselves to Corona Virus.

“In line with the present realities, there is a current lacuna in most home spaces that doesn’t give the perfect ambience for productivity. RentSmallSmall has proactively and disruptively charged itself to provide this solution that aids entrepreneurs and upwardly mobile professionals work to live better and ‘still carry out office functions remotely from the comfort of their home especially at a time like this when COVID19 is still an active threat.”

Balogun stressed that the Cotel is not a hotel adding that the price of an hotel room is not what mattered but the comfort and Convenience one can get from it.

“Our pilot Cotel property is a 17units Condo, with swimming pool, gym, indoor and outdoor lounge, room service, guest waiting area, work room, and much more.

“The two key things we promise are: seamless comfort and convenience as you live and work. Cotel is not just the physical space in itself, it’s an exclusive community of brilliant, like minds who revel in simplified work and living systems. This is a new normal for greatness, everything under your roof while you exceed your work goals,” he said.

Launched October 2018, RentSmallSmall provides hassle-free mechanisms for renting an apartment in Lagos. The startup serves as an intermediary to help people find a property for rent (within 48 hours) and pay monthly; whilst providing landlords with steady income throughout the year.

” The reviews we’ve gotten from our landlords on what they enjoy most about RentSmallSmall is not our rent insurance, our hands-on property management culture, but rather the monthly steady income they get. I’m glad we can make both our Tenants and Landlords happy with our product and we believe Cotel will be another exciting product in the market”.

The firm was listed in connect Nigeria top 100 emerging SME’s 2019.

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