Property Baron taps technology to enhance real estate investment, property sales

Property Baron Network (PBN), an independent arm of Arkbridge Limited, says it is set to leverage technology to enhance real estate business by providing automated tools for clients’ engagement.

The company explains that its platform, registered in Nigeria and the UK, focuses on offering seamless opportunities and providing innovative solutions to subscribers and people that want to invest in the property market.

Gabriel Eyon, PBN Coordinator, explained further that the platform gives registered members and realtors information on how to follow up and engage actively with their clients while offering clients updated information about their properties.

“Real estate is evolving and we want to take that opportunity, especially now that everything is technologically inclined. We want to use technology to drive that process, make it simple and a bit less cumbersome for people, including those in Diaspora that want to invest in Nigeria or Africa,” Eyon said.

He noted that most founding fathers of the real estate sector are gradually phasing out and PBN is on the move to use emerging technologies like Virtual Reality (VR), Artificial Intelligence (AR) and other innovative equipment to boost the sector.

Chudi Kalu, CEO Arkbridge Limited, said PBN makes it possible for users to serve personalized experiences by allowing agents to send personal messages to customers at the time of on-boarding.

He noted however that the technologies built on the platform which includes AI, VR, 3D technologies among others will enable realtors and clients to understand where the market is going to and thereby position ahead of time by providing more reliable market forecasts that can be made available to agents.

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According to him, the platform has a means of storing data through automation which helps in keeping in touch with clients and getting their attention, adding that it explores the property market, enabling clients and realtors to get better results.

Kalu disclosed that VR has been incorporated by PBN to create exciting and profitable experiences for users, noting that the virtual tour would enable buyers to view the entire property remotely without having to leave even their drawing rooms,” he said

However, using an example, he explained that the income of the average realtors on Zillow grew by 35 percent due to the adoption of 3D tours.

Meanwhile, Mayowa Atiwa, an Arkbidge executive, assured that the platform would give buyers seamless service delivery through the use of Artificial Intelligence.

“With Artificial Intelligence, clients don’t have much need for site inspection but rather make use of virtual 3D glasses. It will also help in documentation and clients don’t need to be physically involved to sign papers,” Mayowa added.

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