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Popl Nigeria makes contact-sharing seamless as Scosh debuts in Nigeria

As COVID- 19 pandemic keeps driving tech innovations, Popl Nigeria has launched a contact-sharing app whose main feature is to help individuals exchange phone numbers and social media handles such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitters, Linkedin and others.

The device, launched as ‘Scosh’, is also a game-changer for the business community and professionals as it serves as a digital complementary card which completely eradicates the burden of carrying a stack of cards everywhere.

Speaking at the launch recently in Lagos Tope Sanni, country manager, Popl Nigeria said the app is an innovative product that enables people share their phone numbers and social media handles within seconds.

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“The app comes in handy and useful in sharing contacts and social media handles especially in this period of COVID- 19, where we are expected to maintain social distance,” Sanni said.

“This app is ground-breaking, innovative and making waves globally,” he added.

He also stated that Nigeria, Ghana and South Africa are the three markets in Africa where the app is gaining penetration, while noting that the app is enjoying usability in South America, Europe, North America and Asia already.

Explaining why the device was launched as ‘Scosh’ in Nigeria, Sanni said it was to create a brand that is targeted for and unique to the Nigerian market; as Popl has presence in many parts of the world.

He further explained that launching the product at this time was apt because of the increasing need for social interaction among people and especially in the period of COVID-19 where people had to be on lockdown for weeks and maintain social distance.

He said Scosh is the right product to drive social interaction at this time of a pandemic where personal responsibility for safety is critical. “This is basically an innovation card. We intend to break into the Nigeria market by driving huge penetration through social media. We will also use the traditional media such as newspapers and radio to create more awareness for this product,” he said.

Businessday learnt that the target market is not restricted and covers both teenagers and adults.

Teenagers can use it to meet new people, get social media handles; “but for business people, it’s a different ball game, it’s a complimentary card as everything on a complimentary card can be stored on this device and can be shared with a tap,” Sanni said.

While Sanni is optimistic of a huge mileage in the market, contact-sharing [which is the first stage of the launch] is not all that the product is built to offer. The second stage is making payment with the app.

“We have opened conversations with Paystack and Quickteller. Presently on the app, we have pay app on it, but it doesn’t work in the Nigeria market, even the Paypal that is working here is not working 100 percent.

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