• Monday, December 11, 2023
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Megalectrics partners Aisre Pictures to spotlight societal ills in ‘Unforgivable’

Megalectrics partners Aisre Pictures to spotlight societal ills in ‘Unforgivable’

Aisre Pictures and Megalectrics Ltd (operators of Classic FM 97.3 & The Beat 99.9FM) are collaborating to spotlight issues of rape and other societal ills from a different perspective as a catalyst for change.

“Rape is a sensitive issue in the society especially as it concerns women, though am not saying that men don’t get raped but we have more women that get raped,” Benjamin Okoh, a representative of Classic FM said during the recent sneak preview of the movie, ‘Unforgivable’ to selected journalists in Lagos.

According to him, Megalectrics partnered with Aisre Pictures so as to bring issues around rape to the fore, for people to understand that rape is still an issue the society must deal with.

“We understand that society evolves and things happen and we decided to bring up one of the major things that happen in the society. It is not to look at it from the usual way that it is done but to bring it differently so that society can look at it from a different point of view,” Okoh said.

Osezuah Elimihe, producer and director of the movie, said Unforgivable is a movie that is filled with comedy, suspense, and will keep cinema lovers glued to their seats. “What if we can look at rape with every perspective of fun not that is fun but put a little bit of fun so that people can have enough to seat and watch the movie and get the message”.

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Elimihe said he is inspired by the lessons from the movie, which is centred around the ability of an individual to stand-up for himself/herself, even when the world turns their back. “When everybody is moving towards one direction, don’t be tempted to move towards that same direction. Rather, use your brain; think before you follow because Unforgivable is a movie that looks at an event from a different perspective,” he said.

Elimihe said he wanted to give back to his fans and theatre goers something to enjoy at some point in the cinema span of the movie. Hence, he is giving back to the society that has given so much to him as a child.

“We have heard stories of rape happen in the society and we have seen movies or documentaries done on rape but I thought that what if we look at every perspective of rape without having to take one side,” Elimihe said.

Ijeoma Richard, who played the role of the judge in the movie, said Unforgivable is a movie about rape and the spotlight is usually on the victim. According to her, there are men who have been wrongly accused of rape.

“This movie spotlights that and I think that this is good because most times, people get to talk about the victims but it is important to talk about those people who are wrongly accused but it is very important as well that we realize that not everyone that is accused of rape is a rapist and this is brought to the fore,” Richard said.