Maser unveils new products to improve lifestyle of consumers

Maser Group, a Dubai-based technology company has launched its latest collection of Chester freezers and refrigerators for homes and especially for retailers and party organizers who want fast freezing and lengthy cooling conditions.

According to a statement by the company, the launch of the products will serve to improve the lifestyle of consumers across Africa and the world.

“Ahead of the Easter and Ramadan celebrations and holidays, Maser will be rolling out these products as people take to celebrations and holidays during this season,” it said.

It said the Chester freezers and refrigerators come with etched convenience, with the capacity to hold bigger items whenever you want them to. “These home appliances were crafted to meet the yearning of African consumers who are in high need of refrigerating systems that address their cooling needs and aesthetical aspirations.”

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Prateek Suri, CEO and chairman at Maser Group said in the statement that they will continue to innovate to improve the lifestyle of the average African family especially her small and mid-scale businesses who want to bring cooling systems to big parties and home celebrations so that every party would linger on as sweet memories.

“Our goal is to help our customers get more from their products. We have been able to achieve that by our depth of understanding of the African market.”

He added that their customers need sturdy, large and swift cooling systems and they have built a product that meets up with that.

“With that our customers can have their food stuff cool and fresh all the way. As a result of this understanding of the African market, our products are durable and backed by warranty and very usable and accessible,” Suri buttressed.