Maltina encourages Lagosians to explore water transportation

Maltina has been impacting lives across several target groups since inception. They have consistently set out to look for easier ways for people to experience happiness in their daily lives, which is why they are particularly focused on the one thing that increases the stress levels of Nigerians, incessant traffic congestion.

Lagos is by far the most populous and one of the most congested cities in Nigeria. Despite being the smallest state in the country, it has the highest urban population with an estimated population of 22 million people. With this figure, car traffic dominance on Lagos roads is a crucial problem.

Despite the physical environment of Lagos being well-suited to accommodate water transport, the Lagos State Waterways Authority says only about 70,000-100,000 commuters use water transportation daily, less than one percent of the entire population.

With the traffic congestion caused by the high number of vehicles on Lagos roads, Lagosians are spending more time moving within Lagos than on international flights.

Beyond the time lost and the commuting issues that many face on these roads, a high percentage of Lagosians are also burnt out as the traffic situation is taking a toll on their mental health and physical health.

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While the Lagos State Government is working tirelessly to improve the traffic situation, conscientious brands like Maltina, have set out to encourage more Lagos State residents to explore waterways as a means of daily transportation.

As a malt drink known for putting smiles on the faces of Nigerians everywhere, Maltina recognises the harmful impact of the traffic situation and has partnered with the Lagos State Ferry services- the major ferry services provider in Lagos State, to raise awareness about the safety, efficiency, and affordability of alternate transport on the inland waterways for the people and businesses of Lagos State.

The boats ply six routes, and an additional four ferry routes have also created to complement the existing ones.

The commercial operations on waterways are aimed at restoring the aesthetics of the environment through reduction of carbon emission and promoting a healthy living. Maltina has further encouraged Lagosians to switch to water transport for their daily commutes. While the number of boats may not be able to serve every single person in Lagos, it will work to reduce the number of motor vehicles on the roads, causing a drastic reduction in traffic.

From innovative campaigns to generous donations, Maltina has consistently helped to promote the development through sporting competitions and joined in sharing happiness with Nigerians at several religious celebrations. Once again, the Brand is extending its mantra of sharing happiness to improve the lives of Lagosians.