Ceo forum 2023

Lancelot Group sets eye on 30-year growth strategy

Lancelot Group has announced growth plans for the next thirty years, even as it strengthens its human and technology assets for efficient service delivery.

Adebayo Adeleke, group executive chairman of the company who made the remark during a media lunch to commemorate the 30 years anniversary of Lancelot Ventures Limited noted that the group as part of realising its ambitious plan currently has six subsidiaries and two associate companies

The company is into capital market operations including fund/portfolio management and registrars; the agricultural sector, leasing, real estate and publishing.

He disclosed that the management has strategized its operations in readiness for the next 30 years and beyond, by leveraging on latest technologies and employing a qualified workforce to push the company’s assets to N10trillion by 2053, adding that, the corporate governance structure in place would ensure the company continue to succeed in the sectors it’s playing in.

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“Though, it may look too ambitious, but proper examination of our books with our organic growth model and our annual turnover, I believe we can achieve the N10trillion,” he stressed.

Lancelot Ventures Limited, which later metamorphosed into a Group, he noted, was founded in February 1993, while recalling its earlier years, challenges and the eventual evolution into a Group.

He emphasised that the staying power of the company over the years was a very clear vision, perseverance, sacrifice and hard work, noting that, through the years, management had a laser focus on its vision, which is “to deploy knowledge and capital to build enduring and profitable businesses that add value to all stakeholders.”

While acknowledging the grace of God upon the company activities over three decades, he pointed out that, the moving force behind the continuous existence and growth of the group is the value system.

To him, “the core values of the company are to build: Returns with responsibility; Industry with integrity; Standards for sustainability and Estate with ethics.”

Danladi Yaro, chairman of one of the group’s subsidiaries, commended the vision of the pioneers of the company and the patience with which they have laid a very solid foundation over the past three decades.