Halogen group seeks NPF’s collaboration to deepen Nigeria’s security

In a bid to further deepen the security of the country, the Halogen Group has opened up her arms to the Nigerian Police Force (NPF) in partnership to harness the private sector success in efficient security.

Security has been a national issue with crimes being committed on a daily basis. Despite the NPF’s proactive and reactive strategies in combating traditional and contemporary crimes, policing is still not as efficient as it is meant to be in the country.

ACP Patrick Atayero, who represented the AIG of Police – Zone 2, Adamu Ibrahim at the one-day workshop organised by the Academy arm of Halogen Group on “Crime Prevention and Community Safety” identified some of the challenges hindering  efficient policing in the country.

Lack of resources, inadequacy of data and information on crimes, under-equipped forcemen, insufficient technology were a few of the threats hindering efficient policing as identified by him. He further commented that, “ideally, every state in Nigeria should have a functioning forensic laboratory staffed by competent individuals, maybe not necessarily by police officers in uniform, maybe civilians who are trained to help us process what we’ve gathered from crime scenes to the laboratories which we can use for successful investigation”

In the course of the workshop, ACP Atayero revealed that the force was open for partnership and collaboration with the private sector in ensuring efficient policing in the country.

Halogen Group, a private security firm is found to have led the private security industry in the call for a partnership with the Police Force. Wale Olaoye, the GMD Halogen Group, reiterated the need for the NPF to partner with the private security industry for an inclusive effort to deepen the security of lives and properties of Nigerians.

“This is a very little drop in where we are headed. It is just a little drop in what we believe will be a long journey perhaps and I will also see to where we need to get policing to in our country, everybody has to play their parts and no matter how little it is, a journey of a thousand miles start by one little step” Wale Olaoye said at the event held in Lagos

Wale in his closing remarks gave an insight into how the structure could be drawn to exponentially increase the level of security in Nigeria. His way forward suggested the use of local solutions, employing new technology, having a public-private and community partnerships, inclusive governance, learning from best practices and sharing intelligence amongst other measures.

Halogen Group is a provider of security solutions in West Africa established in 1992 with over ten different business segments in the security industry. Halogen is experienced in different facets of security and protection solutions with business verticals in manned guarding, secured mobility, electronic security, virtual security, risk consulting and resourcing, fleet management and telematics, alarm systems and response, event security, forensics and cyber security, surveillance and UAV solutions and security education.