Firm deepens knowledge on cybersecurity, blockchain

In a bid to deepen knowledge on cybersecurity and Blockchain technology across Nigeria, Cyberchain, a decentralised, brand-neutral and people-focused company is championing the benefits of Blockchain technology to Nigeria’s digital economy

“Creating more job openings for Nigerians, ease of doing business, transparent governance, safe online presence and even placing Nigeria on the global map by creating world-class projects that can contribute to the nation’s GDP, among others,” Jude Ozinegbe, founder, Cyberchain stated.

According to him, Cyberchain was born out of the need to ensure Nigerians get proper sensitisation about the numerous benefits of the digital economy. He stated further that the conference will be held at the NAF Conference Centre, Kado, Abuja Nigeria.

“As technology continues to foster the growth of businesses across the globe, it has become imperative for Nigeria to be positioned as a contributor to the fast-growing digital economy.

“There are however multiple factors that can affect the growth and expansion of the digital economy, a few are infrastructure, innovations, policies, access to funding and proper education, amongst others,” Ozinegbe stated.

He stated that the Abuja conference is coming after a string of conferences held in recent times when it embarked on a national tour this year with the theme ‘Embracing the Metaverse Economy’.

It started the conferences at the city of Akure in Ondo State in March; then Uyo in Akwa Ibom State in May and Benin City in Edo State in July.

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The grand finale of the conference is expected to hold in Lagos on the 12th of November, 2022.

Expected speakers for the Abuja conference include Mohammed Jega, Founder at Domineum Blockchain; Adedeji Owonibi, Founder at Convexity and A&D Forensics; William Phelps, Investment Manager at Adaverse among others.

The Lagos grand finale will have in attendance and as facilitators, the likes of Chris Ani of DabaTV, Tony Emeka of CryptoTV Plus, Chuta Chimezie of BNUG, Kristian Kruz of Element USA, Xeus of NIRVANA Academy, Alicia Little of POW USA and a host of others.

“The lowest hanging fruit but with the most impactful and long-lasting effect on the nation’s economy is education, which is what we have been doing with our national tour.

“Cyberchain is certainly one organisation that has been at the forefront of encouraging the growth of digital skills and by extension, improving the lives of Nigerians across boards,” Ozinegbe stated.

According to him, Cyberchain brings together some of the best minds in the tech space annually and connects them with enthusiasts for the sharing of knowledge while investors have also found Cyberchain events perfect fits for them to engage and foster viable business relationships.

Another activity billed as part of the grand finale in Lagos is a flagship hackathon dubbed ‘Cyberthon’ where winners will walk away with over N1,000,000 and other gifts for their participation at the hacking competition to be supervised by Digital Encode Limited.

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