Emerald Zone set to groom young developers, programmers on Coding

Determined to groom developers and programmers for Nigeria, Emerald Zone, a human capital intervention and broad capacity building solutions company, has announced plans to expand its Code Zone training for youths.

According to the firm, the decision to expand the training is to allow more participants to have access to tutor-led programming lessons and to also accommodate adults who seek to learn more as they have the opportunity.

The programme, which is scheduled to commence from August 2, 2021 all through to August 31, 2021, is for pre-teens, teenagers and adults of 19 years and above.

Olufunke Akinloye, initiator of Code Zone, said that though the training focuses more on children as the curriculum is designed to support their ease of learning, it will also build on the experience garnered over the last two years.

“This year Code Zone is making provision for both in person and virtual participation. Hence, participants can choose online classes which are tutor-led or choose to attend in person. The instructor teaches and engages all participants to their ability,” said Akinloye.

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According to Akinloye, participants must have access to a laptop or a desktop to fully participate in the programme as each participant has to present a personal project on the last day that would showcase work in their area of interest.

She further noted that there is a 50 percent discount for participants who register for the training before the end of July 2021, adding that there will be an opportunity to train teenagers and pre-teens in the appreciation of programming as well as a basic and intermediate understanding of HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

“Code Zone beyond the platform to learn programming and groom young developers, also get participants involved in collaborative learning and problem-solving. Through hands-on projects that they are given to deliver, Code Zone participants get involved in a variety of activities, they have the opportunity to learn and have fun while doing it. They are able to somewhat better understand what drives the world and get a sense of personal challenge,” she said.

Code Zone is an effort to properly prepare the young ones for the digital future through an early introduction to Coding. It is an initiative to encourage young minds to optimise this summer holiday by learning how to build a Website, Weather App or Weather Bot.

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