Eko Atlantic opens Marina waterways to ease navigation to Azuri Towers

…partners Access Bank to deliver 0% mortgage facility

Eko Development Company Ltd, the real estate firm behind Eko Atlantic city has announced the opening of the Marina, one of the waterways to the city, to enable easy navigation of residents to the soon to be completed Azuri Towers.

Offering a superlative lifestyle of beautifully crafted homes with extraordinary luxurious living, Azuri Towers, the tallest residential building in Nigeria and West Africa is situated in the heart of the Marina

District and with access to the waterways, the iconic building is expected to provide a healthy living environment as projected by the developers.

“We are introducing the interface between the Marina at Eko Atlantic and it can take about 350 boats and about 3000 square metres of real estate and that interacts with the Azuri Towers which comprises of two residential and a commercial tower,” Olawale Opayinka, MD/ CEO, Eko Development Company said at the recent opening of the Marina.

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According to Opayinka: “We are also showing case it to the members of the boating society and also to the high net worth in the general public who we feel are worthy of living here and can take advantage of the special infrastructure that we have here so they can see a place where they live and where they can play.”

Meanwhile, the Marina District of Eko Atlantic which is adjacent to the Harbour Lights district provides access to the views of the ocean from one side and of the entrance to the port of Lagos on the other. The area is expected to extend to over 1,154,500 square metres and its water surface is projected to be 76,677 square metres. The planned building plots within the Marina District will be 5,500 square metres and the average building height will be 70 metres.

“We are partnering with Access Bank and the finance we are bringing is saying, you can buy a property in Azuri Tower and you can have five years to pay at zero interest,” Eko Atlantic Company revealed.

With 33 floors and a height of 146 metres in one of the two residential towers in Azuri, the property developers believe the building doesn’t only hold the title as the tallest residential property in Nigeria and West Africa but the second tallest residential tower in Africa after the one in South Africa.

“The Marina and the infrastructure of land that we have at Eko Atlantic just offers a healthy living; clean air, waterways that you use to navigate to the doorstep of your home and you can go for a 10 minutes walk and have a breath of fresh air from the sea,” Opayinka said, adding that the city is secure and with the quality of the properties, he said the company is proud to say, “it doesn’t exist have a rival anywhere in Nigeria at least today.”

The dynamic twenty-fifthcentury metropolis, which will benefit from internationalstandard facilities including modern hospitals, new school, and contemporary offices, will be a world-class safe environment in which to live, work and play, as assured by the company.

On the impact Eko Atlantic will have on the Nigerian economy, the property developers said: “For Lagos state itself, we offer a piece of real estate that really would bring in investment into Lagos and consequently into Nigeria and here we are employing well over 500 people and by sometimes middle of next year, we’ll have 1000 families benefiting from working in Azuri Towers.”

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