EFG Hermes kicks off second virtual investor conference

Leveraging the success of the first virtual conference, the 2nd EFG Hermes Virtual Investor Conference opens to an even greater and more diverse turnout, with 157 companies from 25 countries around the world holding direct meetings with more than 650 institutional investors from 240 global institutions managing assets in excess of USD 17 trillion

EFG Hermes, the leading financial services corporation in Frontier Emerging Markets (FEM), inaugurated the 2nd Virtual Investor Conference today. Running through to 1 October 2020 on a digital platform moderated by EFG Hermes, executives from 157 companies representing 25 countries will connect with more than 650 investors managing an aggregate USD 17 trillion in assets.

The conference builds on the success of the Firm’s first Virtual Investor Conference held in June, adding an even greater pool of institutional investors and a broader cross section of industries represented. EFG Hermes continues to hold leading FEM events despite prevailing global challenges, with the current turnout of attendees and presenting companies reflecting the strength of FEM markets and investor sentiment regarding their resilience in the face of headwinds.

Karim Awad, Group Chief Executive Office of EFG Hermes Holding said, “This second iteration of our highly successful Virtual Investor Conference features an even larger and more diverse group of participants as FEM markets begin to open up after being roiled by the COVID-19 crisis. With access to some of the most attractive investment opportunities across vital sectors in FEM markets, institutional investors from around the world will participate in a platform where they’ll be gaining key macroeconomic and industry insights that will shape the way forward through the unprecedented circumstances global markets are facing.”

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“Having ridden out the worst of the initial economic storm, investors are looking to us for insights on the way forward for FEMS. With equity and debt flows on their way to recovery, investor appetite for the markets remains. In saying this, stimulus measures that prevented financial meltdowns at the start of the crisis could set markets up to face debt-accumulation challenges. At the same time, they’re bracing for the ever-present threat of a second wave of a virus that saw governments and central banks up spending and slash interest rates in the face of throttled consumer demand and investment. Our aim with the Virtual Investor Conference is to provide participants with pertinent and first-hand insights from the international players moving markets and direct investment into these compelling FEM economies,” said Mohamed Ebeid, CO-CEO of the Investment Bank at EFG Hermes.

EFG Hermes has organized industry-shaping conferences over nearly two decades to global acclaim irrespective of market or global challenges. In June, it hosted the first Virtual Investor Conference in light of having to cancel its flagship One on One Conference due to the COVID-19 crisis.

The first Virtual Investor Conference facilitated more than 6,500 meetings, bringing together executives from 72 companies from 14 countries with 480 institutional investors representing 160 institutions managing assets in excess of USD 15 trillion.

The 15th edition of the EFG Hermes One on One Conference 2019 was shortlisted at the ICE Awards alongside a list of global companies for ‘Best Motivational Event’ and ‘Best Logistical Challenge of the Year’.