Dewstech launches Quicoin to decentralise payment system

Dewstech Limited, a London based Fintech company has announced the launch of a unique decentralized payment system called the Qui Payment System that leverages Quicoin for payment services.

The payment system is built to address most issues currently experienced by existing blockchain and cryptographic systems, as it prides itself to be safe, secure and super fast in consummating transactions.

“The idea behind this technology is to create a decentralized payment system that supports Global Trade and transactions, as the world of business now desires improved turnaround time in consummating their transactions, considering the importance of time on business targets and projection,” said John David-whyte, the company’s chief technology officer (CTO).

According to DavidWhyte, Qui Payment Project is focused on building a new financial system that challenges the status quo, unlike most cryptocurrencies. He posits that the Qui Payment Project generates a coin named Quicoin, which harps on safety, stability and importantly usability.

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David-whyte states further that Quicoin is not just a cryptocurrency, but an infrastructure for a new financial system. According to him, this financial system is built by people who care, for everyone; managed by computers through the blockchain system.

Aside from individuals, Quicoin also ensures corporates are taken into consideration in the design of its wallet system, which allows corporates to trade globally and manage their wallets like they currently do with their existing payment system with allowance to identify each of their transactions for records and audit.

Upon full global adoption of this coin, David- Whyte said businesses may bid farewell to times of third currency fluctuations and forex availability that affect their operation and disrupt projections.

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