• Thursday, December 07, 2023
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Danny O Ventures LLC partners Inkas to push Armoured car deployment

Danny O Ventures LLC partners Inkas to push Armoured car deployment

In a bid to meet the bid of its Nigerian customers, Danny O Ventures LLC, one of the leading global oil and gas service providers, has partnered with Inkas Armoured Vehicle Manufacturing, to deploy high-quality armoured cars.

According to a statement by the partners, Danny O Ventures LLC received a letter of authorisation from Inkas Armoured Vehicle Manufacturing, granting them the exclusive authority to conduct business on behalf of Inkas in Nigeria.

“We are thrilled to join forces with Inkas® Armoured Vehicle Manufacturing,” said Danny O, CEO of Danny O Ventures LLC. “This partnership not only strengthens our position in the market but also allows us to provide our esteemed customers in Nigeria with access to high-quality special armoured cars that meet their specific needs and requirements.”

The collaboration between Danny O Ventures LLC and Inkas Armoured Vehicle Manufacturing will enable Danny O Ventures LLC to offer a wide range of armoured vehicles, tailored to various industries such as defence, law enforcement, and private security.

These specialized vehicles are designed to provide unparalleled protection, combining advanced technologies and innovative features to ensure the safety and security of occupants.

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Danny O Ventures LLC’s extensive network and expertise in the Nigerian market, combined with the exceptional quality and reliability of Inkas® Armoured Vehicle Manufacturing’s armoured cars, will create new opportunities and further elevate the standard of automotive solutions available in Nigeria.

“We are confident that this partnership will drive innovation, enhance customer satisfaction, and contribute to the growth of the automotive industry in Nigeria,” added Danny O.

This strategic partnership marks a significant milestone for both Danny O Ventures LLC and Inkas Armoured Vehicle Manufacturing, as it combines the expertise and resources of two industry leaders.

With Danny O Ventures LLC’s extensive experience in the Nigerian market and Inkas Armoured Vehicle Manufacturing’s cutting-edge armoured car technology, this alliance is poised to revolutionise the automotive industry in Nigeria.