COVID 19 : Savory & Partners advise on investment migration

Savory & Partners, one of the largest Citizenship by Investments providers globally, has explained that being able to travel from one country to another and having an alternate investment plan during the pandemic era is essential.

Speaking during an exclusive event held by Savory & Partners at the capital club Lagos, Jeremy Savory, CEO Savory & Partner told BusinessDay that the easiest way to have access to travel from one country to another at the same time have an exponential return on investment in other countries is by investing in a second citizenship.

Savory, who spoke on the topic, ‘Importance of Mobility and a Plan-B in a Post Pandemic World,’ hinted on the benefits of investing in a second citizenship.

He listed the benefits to include that the individuals will be protected by the government’s citizenship law, be able to obtain irrevocable citizenship and passport, secure a future for their family and obtain reliable and stable citizenship.

Savory also explained that through second citizenship, people can freely move from one country to another, be able to freely open companies and bank accounts in different countries, get immediate access to over 170 countries without visas, take full control of their families’ wealth, improve families’ lives and security, register assets without restrictions and enjoy overall upgrades and convenience.

Speaking on the most preferred passport that an average Nigerian wants to hold, Savory said a lot of Nigerians want Grenada passports in the Caribbean because it gives them visa-free access to China as well as the E2 US visa and UK. “It is very popular for Nigerians because a lot of Nigerians have their children either in the UK or US,” he added.

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Also speaking at the event, Yele, a high-level banking professional and a real-life client who Savory & Partners helped to obtain St Kitts citizenship spoke candidly about his journey before, during, and after obtaining his second passport and the attendees engaged with his life experience and a lively question and answer session ensued to their delight.

Also shared at the event, was a pre-recorded exclusive interview with the CEO of St Kitts and Nevis citizenship by investment unit, Les Khan, and Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Tourism, St Lucia, Ernest Hilarie, who stressed on the importance of due diligence and selecting a government authorized agent like Savory & Partners.

Savory and Partners is the first company in the Middle East and Africa to become an authorized agent for all five Caribbean governments.

According to Savory “the situation with COVID-19 really reminded us of the value of freedom that we have taken for granted. The moment we all had to be in quarantine and lockdown reminded us that freedom is the most valuable asset of all time. The world is more dissipated than it has ever been. When you look at Brexit, and political tensions around the world; it is a combination.

“People see this happening everywhere in the world. I think everyone now wants to have a plan B in their pockets. COVID-19 really reminded us of the value of freedom that we have taken for granted. So, I think the factors are local and also international.”

Speaking on the options for Citizenship by Investments, he said there is an option of real estate but even when people invest in real estate, there are government fees on top because the government has to generate some revenues from this.

“There is an option of a non-refundable contribution which is the investor’s contribution to the government which will be able to provide funds for infrastructure projects such as schools and housing amongst others,” he said.