• Sunday, December 03, 2023
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Chimons Gas rolls out 13,500 cylinders to drive Eko gas initiative


Chimons Gas limited, a thriving conglomerate operating in the Nigeria’s Oil and Gas sector and a major Lagos State Government partner in the Eko gas initiative has concluded arrangement to roll out into Nigerian market over 13,500 of 3kg cylinders to drive the Eko gas initiative.

The company, which started gas business in the year 1994 due to the importance of Liquidfied Petroleum Gas (LPG) known as cooking gas to Nigerian homes, said that LPG is cheaper, availabile and has cleaner effect on the environment.

We are rolling out an initial 13,500 cylinders of 3kgs to support the Eko gas initiative said Baylon Duru, executive director of Chimons Gas Limited during an exclusive chat with BusinessDay at the launch of Eko Gas in Lagos recently.

He observed that despite the over 150,000 metric tonnes LPG reserve that Nigeria has that the country still lags behind in the usage of the product, which research has proven better than other source of energy like firewood, kerosene use in cooking etc.

According to him, the essence of rolling out large quantities of 3kg is to make the use of LPG affordable to the masses in addition to the effort of Lagos state government to subsidise the product for the people. “Our main concern is to ensure that we move more volume of gas into the Nigerian market so that everybody will enjoy the benefit of this good energy”.

On Chimons contribution to the Eko gas initiative, Duru said that company is required to supply cylinders to Lagosians and to build skip plants at the conclusion of the advocacy programmes, so that the volume of gas sold in the market will move up.

“Chimons Gas started the drive of encouraging people to use LPG by setting up a refilling plant years back till we became a major off taker with Nigerian Liquidfied Natural Gas (NLNG) before we went ahead to build our own terminal.The Eko gas was an initiative by the LPG Group of Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI), which we are a strong member of that was sold to Lagos State Government and they bought it. Today, we are happy that it is a reality”, Chimons boss explained.

Chimons Gas, he said individually brought in about 25,000 LPG cylinders into the country in the past before others started coming into the business.

“This is the launch while the post launch activities will mainly dwell on advocacies because it is not enough to say that the Governor Babatunde Fashola has flag-off the Eko gas initiative, we need to take the massage to the people”.

On the company’s capacity to play its role effectively, he said that the company is a quality company that runs a complete chain using its storage facility such as gas terminal,good haulage system to move the gas, and retail ends to sell both cylinders and refills gas for people.