• Tuesday, April 23, 2024
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Casava Microinsurance elevates ASTRA Fellowship Leadership program to new height

Casava Microinsurance elevates ASTRA Fellowship Leadership program to new height

Casava Microinsurance Limited, the provider of digital insurance solutions in Nigeria, has sponsored the esteemed ASTRA Fellowship Leadership Program which identifies and nurtures aspiring tech leaders.

This groundbreaking collaboration aims to empower aspiring tech leaders, equipping them with the essential skills and knowledge to drive unparalleled innovation in the industry.

The transformative partnership allows Casava Microinsurance to spearhead leadership training initiatives, provide cutting-edge technical tools, facilitate mentorship opportunities, and extend vital financial support to young tech developers.

The just concluded the first cohort of the ASTRA Fellowship trained forty shortlisted candidates from the Decagon Institute – a renowned software engineering and leadership training school for tech developers.

“While many conventional fellowships and training initiatives tend to focus on already established stars, Astra has a distinct mission: to equip and empower the ones who will become the next tech leaders,” said Bode Pedro, CEO of Casava Microinsurance Limited and creator of the Astra Fellowship.

“We recognise the untapped potential in emerging talents and understand the importance of cultivating a steady pipeline of not only tech stars but also individuals who possess the essential soft skills needed to succeed in today’s constantly evolving landscape,” he added.

Astra’s dedication to nurturing talent aligns perfectly with Casava’s vision to foster a diverse and resilient tech sector. “We are excited to be part of this transformative journey, working hand in hand to shape the future of Nigeria’s tech landscape and unlock the potential of the next generation of tech leaders,” Pedro continued.

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In one month, Astra Fellows went through six sessions of intensive training focusing on strategic leadership, corporate entrepreneurship, and soft life skills under the tutelage of experienced faculty members, including two reputable MBA professors. They will also have access to invaluable resources and industry connections.

“Being an Astra fellow has given me a great opportunity to learn and develop while also introducing me to mentors who have inspired me and other like-minded people who share my enthusiasm for innovation and entrepreneurship,” Kehinde Jejelaye, NET Engineer at Decagon,
and Astra Fellow.

The collaboration between Astra and Casava aims to nurture the leadership and entrepreneurial aspirations of participants and support them in realizing their highest potential. As an industry trailblazer, CASAVA recognises technology’s pivotal role in revolutionizing the insurance landscape and other industries. With this sponsorship, the company reaffirms its unwavering commitment to catalyzing positive change within the tech sector.

CASAVA is a renowned provider of cutting-edge digital insurance solutions, relentlessly focusing on leveraging technology to make insurance accessible and affordable. Through innovative products, strategic partnerships, and a commitment to social impact, CASAVA aims to enable individuals, businesses and communities to thrive and prosper.

The prestigious ASTRA Fellowship Leadership Program identifies and nurtures aspiring tech leaders. Through a comprehensive curriculum, mentorship opportunities, and exposure to industry experts, the program equips participants with the soft skills, knowledge, and industry connections needed to thrive in the rapidly evolving tech landscape. The ASTRA Fellowship Leadership Program is committed to fostering leadership qualities and entrepreneurial mindsets and driving groundbreaking innovation in the industry.