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Builditup Lands and Home deepens knowledge on land banking strategies

…to launch new e-book

In a bid to assist landed property investors and realtors with the right information on locating the right land banking investment properties, Ogunyemi Damilola, the founder Builditup Lands and Home Properties is set to launch his e-book.

Titled ‘How to Locate the Right Land Banking Investment Property’ Damilola latest release comes with a range of resources that enlightens investors on how to determine where to find the best deals, at what price, how to ensure appreciation of price in the future, how to evaluate a property to know a fair price, the precise type of real estate that will ensure they have the best chance at cash flow and appreciation; amongst others.

Illustrating strategies for locating and acquiring the right land banking investment properties, this book which will be launched on 25th of February, 2020 is practical, highly-educational and inspiring.

The author provides investors with a navigation and strategy that can be utilized when trying to locate the right land banking investment property.

The book also offers the investors proper guidance and expertise to understand what they are getting and why they are getting it, providing realtors and Investors with top notch representation they truly deserve.

He explained that thousands of people both at home and in diaspora have lost their hard earned money trying to buy lands for future purpose to resell or to build their dream homes by investing in the wrong property, company or family.

He said it has become night mare as they wonder if their dreams of owning property will ever come to life, adding that if people are able to implement the right strategies and tactics, they are just going to become a much better investor or realtor.

Damilola started out in real estate corridors by supplying doors to Providus bank before including the wide range of building materials and services that served a lot of real estate companies where he was able to build long standing relationships with the industry top players after which he consulted for real estate companies before he founded builditup lands with Cielo City Estate with 4 estates within one year.

Damilola the author and CEO of Cielo City Estate and Build It Up Lands, a Yoruba native and long-time Lagos resident brings years of on-the-job brokerage experience and real estate knowledge drawn from real life experiences.

In recent times, he has successfully carried out sales of real estate properties in the Ibeju-Lekki area of Lagos State. For well over a year, the agency has earned the trust and respect from quite a number of satisfied buyers, sellers, brokers and agents alike.

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