AO2LAW celebrates 5 years of excellence; reiterates commitment to client-driven solutions

AO2LAW, a full-service law firm celebrates 5 years of excellent achievement. The celebration, which commemorates the firm’s proposition to always deliver excellent solutions to its clients across various sectors, began on Tuesday, March 1, 2022, at its head office in Lagos. It was an open house event where partners, stakeholders, and corporate clients were in attendance.

In the last 5 years, the firm has provided exceptional legal services in defined practice areas to clients in various sectors of the economy, creating unique experiences amongst clients and key industry stakeholders.

As an industry leader, AO2LAW has consistently exceeded its clients’ expectations through its practical and innovative legal solutions, helping them thrive in their businesses through reliable services. Over the years, the firm has continuously built relevant business relationships amongst its increasing clientele and has been identified within the legal industry.

Reacting to the milestone achievements, and the towering success stories of the last 5 years, Chinedu Anaje, the Managing Partner of the firm captured it as “a consistent, rapid, and sustainable growth that has at its heart in the success of clients’ businesses and satisfaction, through solution-driven service offerings that are experiential and pragmatic. For us, it is a journey that has just begun, towards building a locally and internationally recognized institutional full-service law firm, and as we grow bigger and better in the coming years, we are committed more than ever, to our values which are client-focused and solution-driven. We remain grateful to our clients for entrusting us with their business and personal engagements.”

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Commenting further, Bidemi Olumide, Partner at AO2LAW, reiterates the firm’s commitment to continuous excellent service delivery to its clients, riding on the success stories of the last 5 years. He stated that “5 years of amazing services in the legal space in Nigeria. We are grateful for the experience and, most importantly, our success stories. We have created outstanding services and have continuously exceeded our stakeholders’ and clients’ expectations. We will do more. With our innovations and ground-breaking ideas, we are poised to deliver more unique experiences and results to our clients. We are bigger now and we will keep growing, with a clear focus on consistently delivering sustainable solutions. ”

AO2LAW was established to help clients achieve success through practical and innovative legal solutions. AO2LAW has since March 1, 2017, efficiently manage present and future business challenges, and helped its clients thrive in their businesses.

Since its existence, AO2LAW has showcased some of the best professionals in the industry who have delivered some of the most outstanding legal solutions through innovative concepts and groundbreaking ideas across its multidisciplinary practice areas.

As part of its expansion plans, the firm has extended its practice to other business opportunities and will extend its focus to Insolvency, Capital Market, Mergers and Acquisition, Competition Law Practice with the creation of a Centre for competition law, policy + administration, Cryptocurrency and Financial Technology.

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