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Regimenting the workforce

Can you believe it is the end of the year already? This year seems like it has gone by quickly but to be honest a great deal has happened in the year. So many things have escalated zero to hundred on many fronts on many different occasions. The COVID-19 vaccine, numerous natural disasters, numerous clashes of titans and ants. The nightmare that was and still is international travel. Numerous illnesses and deaths the new millionaires from testing centres, delivery companies and food vendors. Hardship from economic collapse all over the world. Climate change, collapsed building, kidnapping and so much more.

On a personal note, I have written a non-fiction book about five generations of women in my family. I have written almost two hundred poems, had a grandbaby even though technically I was not directly responsible. All in all, I am shocked the year is coming to an end but it has been a very eventful year. You know what I about to say next is, what are the lessons we have learnt.

I will not be discussing about everything just one thing I believe we should all have picked up. That is the fact that regimenting anything let alone everything is no longer the order of the day at least for human beings.

Machines are regimented. Assembly lines in a factory are regimented. Recipes are regimented just to deliver on brand promise. However, when you regiment people in a workplace you are likely to get many negative things. At least in the current workforce and the future workforce.

You probably do not remember but we have talked about what this before and they are very keen on flexibility not rigidity.

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All over the world many rules are being relaxed because during the last two years we have all realised that it is not the rules that result in productivity and commitment. Fathers for the first time in a long time want to be a part of their children’s lives. They do not just want to be bread winners and nothing else. Gone are the days when fathers want nothing to do with raising their children.

Gone are the days when women also want to have to choose between being their children’s care givers and being career women. A rigid structure will not permit any cross carpeting. Which will be such a shame? The workforce if forced to be rigid will be choosing only a certain type of person who is not creative or dare, I say, is ambitious.

When you tell staff what they should wear, how they should groom themselves, when they should sleep, when they should have babies then you do not have their hearts and the minute they can find somewhere else they will leave. They will give the minimum they have to give to just keep their heads above the radar.

What culture are you propagating? When you legislate many things, you find out that nobody can cope with so many laws. And still be concerned with the goals of the organisation.

We have seen a rise in mental health issues. Not because they are being regimented in the office, but this can lead to it. As organisations we all should be planning our strategy session because of the timing. Even if you have crafted your strategy, you can adjust it, when it comes up for review.

Let it be known that all the technical aspects of managing human resources are important. We must however take into consideration flexibility where possible. Working from home, time off from time to time to take children for their vaccinations, paternity leave, wearing what is neat and appropriate, not necessarily serious.

Economics says human resources are a factor of production. However, we cannot treat them like machines to get the best out of them. Even the way staffs were treated ten years ago will not work in the workplace of today or the future. The world is also a village because of the internet, and this creates sophistication from our internal customers because they know what is going on all over the world.

I know I am preaching to the converted but culture is very strong and your culture should be deliberate and friendly. Many nations have realised that legislate against a thing and people want to break the rules. If you do not legislate people are more likely not be interested in breaking the rules.

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