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Nigeria and the new Global Apartheid

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I am not supposed to write this article. As presidential candidate of the African Democratic Congress (ADC) aspiring to lead the high magistracy of our federal republic come 2019, I am supposed to genuflect before the world powers for their endorsement. Apparently, we Nigerians have reached a tacit understanding that whoever rules our country must be someone who has the imprimatur of foreign powers. And so our leaders beat their paths to their gates.

Everybody tells me that my campaign has not started if I have not made the obligatory pilgrimage to Chatham House, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, in London. I have reminded my interlocutors that, as a graduate student, I researched in Chatham House’s library, a rather cramped 18th century building located at St. James’s Square in the heart of London. Yes, it ranks among the best policy think tanks in the world, rivalling America’s Brookings Institution. But it is just another celebrated NGO. I am not sure that I convinced them.

It seems clear to me that the confidence of our leaders and intellectuals has been broken. We can no longer think for ourselves. We no longer can trust even our own shadows. We only trust what others say about us and we look to foreigners to validate whatever ideas we come up with. We are victims of what late Kenyan political scientist Ali Mazrui termed “Global Apartheid”.

I am not one of those who see global conspiracy behind everything that happens in Africa. But I know that conspiracies do happen. If in doubt please consult the works of the eminent American historian and political thinker Carroll Quigley. Quigley taught the young Bill Clinton as an undergraduate at Georgetown University in Washington DC. He apparently made a strong and lasting impression on the future president. Quigley wrote the influential book, Tragedy and Hope: a History of the World in our Time (Macmillan 1976). He also wrote The Anglo-American Establishment: From Rhodes to Cliveden (New York: Books in Focus, 1981). In both works Quigley unravelled how secret groups that control the system of Atlantic power; wielding an influence that spreads throughout the world well out of proportion to their actual numbers.

Quigley points to Cecil Rhodes, the robber baron who raped Southern Africa for gold and diamonds; later becoming one of the richest and most influential figures in the world. A whole country, Southern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), was named after him. I share the same alma mater with Cecil Rhodes — Oriel College, Oxford. Last year the College wrote to me for my opinion on whether his statue should be removed from its grounds in the wake of a students’ campaign, “Rhodes Must Fall”. The Oxford Union had voted for its removal.

Rhodes left behind a large endowment that annually brings Rhodes Scholars to Oxford – among the brightest young men and women anywhere in the world. I happen to be on the Committee of the Rhodes Scholarships for West Africa. I wrote back recommending that we let “sleeping dogs lie”. I believe he made up for his sins by giving so much to help generations of students. Rhodes’s original objective was to create an elite brains trust that will govern the English-speaking world, and by extension, the entire civilised world. They may not be a secret society, but their influence is worldwide and deep.

Today, the world is governed largely by secret confraternities. One of those is the Bilderberg Group founded by Prince Bernhard Lippe-Biesterfeld of the Netherlands. It held its first meeting in 1954 in the Dutch provincial town of Bilderberg. Membership is strictly by invitation only. They usually hold annual meetings in undisclosed locations. A strict code of secrecy is rigorously enforced. This is where the fates of nations are sealed. Africans are excluded.

Another exclusive club is the Trilateral Commission founded by business mogul David Rockefeller in 1973. Its aim ostensibly is to foster cooperation between North America, Western Europe and Japan. One of the brains behind the group is former US National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski. He has published a futurological work on the world in the next one hundred years. Ominously, Africa does not feature at all.

Another of the big secret clubs is the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), an organisation that brings together major figures in the public and private sectors to shape the course of American foreign policy. The greatest movers and shakers in the United States serve their apprenticeships on the CFR. They also happen to be the publishers of the influential journal, Foreign Affairs. Over the last decade they have never published anything positive about Nigeria. I once submitted an article to its editor at the time, Fareed Zakaria, and he wrote back with the terse verdict: “Too long”!

Another of the big secretive clubs is the international Freemasons. These groups are particularly influential in the Francophone world. Nearly all the leaders of post-independence Francophone Africa have been members of French Masonic lodges. Their loyalty is, first and foremost, to their colonial masters in Paris. Africa comes last in their scale of priorities. Several of our English-speaking leaders have also been freemasons and Rosicrucians.

We have reason to believe that the current world plan is to systematically cripple Nigeria and to render her a comatose elephant like the Democratic Republic of Congo. Every year we used to receive prognostications from influential global think tanks to the effect that “Nigeria will disintegrate”. We may have defied those evil prophecies, but we have certainly been brought to our knees by foreign-backed Niger Delta reptiles, Boko Haram and rampaging “herdsmen”.

Boko Haram began innocuously enough as a bunch of local thugs in Maiduguri. But it soon metamorphosed into a deadly international terrorist organisation with links to Global Jihad, al-Qaeda and others.

They also found new paymasters in world powers that maintain training camps in Timbuktu, N’Djamena, Cameroon and the southern parts of Niger Republic. The insurgents are being trained and equipped by shadowy western armed forces and intelligence services that they then send to kill, maim and destroy in our country. Through sophisticated satellite technology, they provide vital information to the insurgents on the movements of our troops which are then waylaid and mowed down like green grass. It has been the worst humiliation for the once legendary armed forces of our great federal republic.

Oil is a major factor. Last year a team of Nigerian scientists and engineers exploring for oil in Lake Chad were kidnapped by the insurgents. France wants exclusive control of oil resources around the Lake Chad area.

The same forces are behind the so-called “herdsmen” militias. Bilateral aid agencies and their local Jihadist collaborators have armed them to the teeth to wreck genocidal havoc throughout the Middle Belt and beyond. And nobody is talking – neither Washington nor London nor Berlin nor Paris nor Brussels. Boko Haram and the herdsmen militias are like termites that are eating up the vital innards of our nation. Our enemies expect that, before long, the house will come down like a pack of cards.

International powers are well aware of Nigeria’s extraordinary potentials. In another generation, our population would be 400 million; exceeding the United States to the third position behind China and India. We are destined for a world power status. Despite the Western IQ propaganda, we are a land of legendary geniuses. Our students outperform their counterparts in top Ivy-League universities. Our cultures date back to Pharaonic Egypt and the Cushitic civilisations of the Nile Valley. We have abundant natural resources. Through subterfuge and all sorts of hare-brained stratagems, world powers are hell-bent on ensuring that we do not become a self-confident, inner-directed, technological-industrial state. They want to kill our destiny and ensure we never join the front ranks of the leading nations of the 21st century.

Nazism did not die with Hitler. Global Apartheid continues to operate through global disinformation, subliminal racism, exclusivism, economic sabotage, militarism, biological warfare and currency manipulation. Make no mistake about it: Nigeria is the only hope of Africa and the black race. They have tried to use biological weapons such as HIV/AIDS and Ebola. They are going to come up with even more deadly biological weapons in the future. But I am persuaded that the God of our ancestors who shielded our glorious continent since time immemorial will defend us. Behold, He who keeps Israel will neither slumber nor sleep.

The duty of our generation of leadership is to be the guardians of the New Africa. The African people are waiting for Nigeria to come up with the philosopher-king who will rule with vision, justice, courage and righteousness. We are the Promised Land — children of the New Covenant — a beacon of hope in a benighted and illiberal age. We shall not only endure; we shall triumph and prevail!


Obadiah Mailafia

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